Felix Martel

Felix Martel

Felix is a brooding and handsome bi guy whose girlfriend is really turned on by the idea of seeing him get fucked by other dudes on camera. We are more than happy to make that fantasy a reality. Felix has a sexy coat of fur on his chest and in his crotch.

Greyson Kent

Greyson Kent

Greyson is anything but shy. He seemed like a porn veteran when he arrived to film. From his devilishly sexy smile to his raging erection, Greyson didn't disappoint on camera.

Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.



Oni creeped me out at first with the scary tattoo and the stage name translating to demon in Japanese. But after filming with him, I realized the tattoo is actually kinda cute and his personality, while eccentric and unique, is nothing short of gentlemanly and entertaining. He's got a great, pale physique with a thick, beautiful uncut cock.


Bareback Beach Gangbang

Happy 4 Year Anniversary to GuyBone! Can't believe how much we've seen in the last four years, but we're so happy to have had you along for the ride! Each anniversary, we try to film something we never have before, as a celebration and a challenge. This year, that came in the form of a bareback beach gangbang. We headed back to our favorite beach and Felix Martel bravely agreed to bottom for off camera fuck bud and friend Greyson Kent as well as two brand new GuyBone guys, Jay Davis and Oni. He was in for a sunny, sandy treat, as are you! We ended up with 15 extra minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

The four guys (appropriate for our four year anniversary, yes?) got acquainted in the driftwood condo we'd hiked to. Greyson lured Oni in and they began kissing, once Oni got his balance in the sand that is. Jay had his sights set on Felix. They started making out and Jay's hand was already rubbing Felix's cock through his swimsuit. Once hard, Jay pulled it out, dropped to his knees, and started sucking.

I'd asked Jay before the shoot if he was cool with being the guy in the middle of a circle suck. He was. Thank God. Because I'd seen his previous studio work and it was more than clear that he was going to give every cocksucker on our site a run for their money. He is a total pro knob slobber. Watching that bearded pup suck dick is beyond hot. Watching him suck three in rotation, even hotter. He slid from Felix's boner to Greyson's, taking that thick shaft balls deep while Greyson kissed Oni and stroked Felix. Oni's girthy uncut cock was next to get the royal treatment, then Jay started at the beginning again, taking turns sucking every hardon before him.

Some might think Felix should have been the oral sub sucking everyone because he was going to be the bottom in the gangbang. But I say put the guy who's best at a particular job in that particular position. Felix is bi and methinks he enjoys receiving head rather than giving, so why not put suck hungry Jay on his knees to service all those raging hard cocks if that's what he likes (and is so fucking good at)? Good luck not busting your nut this early in the scene. Watching Jay's tongue roll up and down the length of a stiff dick is enough to push me over the edge.

Fair is fair and I didn't want Jay to have to do all of the work, so I opened the sandy floor for someone to return the favor. Oni wasted no time dropping down on Jay's thick chub. Felix sucked on Greyson's cock while Jay and Greyson made out up above. Then they traded off so Oni could taste Greyson's dick and so Felix could try to give back what Jay had given him to start. So nice to see all the guys working together toward a common goal - get their dicks hard as rock so they could gangbang Felix's bi guy hole.

Greyson was up first. He's got the perfect dick to do the trick of loosening an asshole up. His shaft is graduated, getting bigger as you go from tip to base. You can ease onto the head, then slowly take the entire dick, versus a giant shroom head getting stuffed into your tight hole to begin with. Greyson laid flat on his back, Felix rode him. Jay laid next to them getting his boner fluffed by Oni. Lubed with SPUNK and going in bare, Greyson fucked Felix gently, rocking those sexy hips back and forth on his own to get his bud accustomed to his bone. Jay and Oni switched fluffing stations and Greyson picked up speed, really thrusting up into Felix's bi guy hole.

Greyson got that ass nice and relaxed for Jay to take over in doggie style. He pumped his thick, furry cock in and out of Felix's ass furiously, putting on a great show. I loved seeing all of their body hair glisten in the sun. From Oni's ginger beard to Felix's fuzzy butt to Jay's very shaggy chest and tummy. It all looked so sexy in the summer sun. Hearing Jay say “fuck yeah, dude” while his raw dick slid in and out of Felix's hole sent sexy chills up my spine. His dog tag danced in his thick forest of dark chest hair. His balls swung and slapped with each thrust. Felix was moaning and loving every inch of that dick, his beautiful, milky white butt cheeks bouncing with every bang from Jay's cock.

Jay politely got out of the way for Oni to slide his full grown uncut rod deep into Felix's back door. Oni grabbed a handful of Felix's brunette mop and tugged his head backward. Felix didn't seem to mind the sudden jump into rougher sex and went with it. Suddenly they were standing in doggie style, giving Oni better footing in the sand to fuck Felix from behind. Jay and Greyson were having fun with some hot frottage in the background. When Oni's turn was spent, he indicated for Greyson to step in. Greyson did so with ease, gifting his big dick to Felix's grateful hole. This position allowed Greyson to enter beast mode, really plowing Felix. I don't know if I've ever seen him fuck someone so hard. I'm throbbing now thinking about his rock hard cock slamming into Felix bareback.

Felix wanted to sit a spell, so he took a seat on Oni's boner and rode it. Did you notice the sexy piercing Oni has just below his nuts? Pretty fucking hot watching it sparkle and bounce. Jay and Greyson helped Felix stay upright on the slight hill as he screwed Oni's big uncut pole. This put them at perfect height for Oni to suck both their cocks while on his back. And suck both their cocks is exactly what he wanted to do, at the same time! Jay and Greyson put their dicks together and Oni fit both the tips and some shaft inside his mouth. He couldn't do much more because they're so damn thick, but he loved tasting two cocks simultaneously.

Jay needed to get his boner inside Felix again, so they got into a cozy missionary position and he drove his dick deep. Felix sucked on some cocks this time, getting spit roasted in essence. Oni and Greyson sucked face while Felix fellated them. I was so turned on seeing Jay's bushy brown pubes mixing with Felix's curly ass hair. Then Jay leaned over to blow Felix and Greyson grabbed Jay's ass and squeezed. Fuck, this foursome was a hot little cluster fuck!

The wind picked up, the guys were covered in sand, but nothing could keep them from cumming! Greyson was first to fuck his way to the finish line, nailing Felix's used hole hard and then jerking till he sprayed a creamy white load all over that pink entrance. Then he shoved his still jizzing dick back inside Felix and finished there. When he pulled out, his cum was oozing down Felix's taint and ball sack. Jay was up next, quickly stepping in and stroking his beautiful dick off. He beat his meat till he blast his seed across Felix's hole, then stuck his boner back inside that warm, creampied ass.

Everyone stood in a circle jerk around Jay. He was so turned on, he came a second time. This load went into the palm of his hand and he promptly licked it clean like a good pup. That got Oni going and he was next to bust. Jay stuck out his tongue to catch it, but poor Oni only had a couple drops of cum. Next time, drink more water, Oni. Nonetheless, he orgasmed and Jay licked up what he could from his uncut cock head. Felix was rock hard but just so exhausted from taking all three men, he couldn't reach climax. No worries, he did the job he signed up to do, and did it flawlessly!

Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our 4 Year Anniversary and we hope you enjoy it, too!

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