Axel Black

Axel Black

Sporting some of the bushiest pubes on GuyBone, Axel Black is hairy from head to toe and just as hot! Pierced, inked, sweet and sexy, this stud is more than ready for action in the bedroom. He was made for it!

Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.

Patch Evans

Patch Evans

I don't think I've met a GuyBone Guy before Patch who gave me the biggest, warmest, knowing hug right off the bat, as if we'd been friends for years. Instantly putting everyone in the room at ease with his boy next door charisma and sexy, goofy sense of humor, he's one to watch. And know.


2 Pups in a Patch

Welcome to the GuyBone pack, Patch! And what a welcome wagon he received, getting inducted by two of our sexiest pups, Jay and Axel. WOOF! The Pups were ready to play in the Patch, no doubt! Starting in three hot as fuck jockstraps, the guys cozied up on the couch and started pawing at one another. Kisses and licks and nuzzles abound as bulges began to tent and these horn dogs got down to business. No surprise they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That’s more fun for them and more fuck for your buck!

Jay pulled Axel’s bone out of his jock and fed it to a very hungry Patch, who swallowed it whole, gulping and sucking it to the hilt. They kissed so passionately as Jay took his turn slobbing on Axel’s knob. These boys were horny extreme as they continued servicing each other. Jay released his penis and Patch helped work it into a frenzied erection. What a magical mouth on him. Two thick dicks at his disposal, Patch was like a kid in a candy shop. He kept his jockstrap on while the other two stripped out of theirs. Axel dove tongue first into Patch’s perfect ass while Patch continued blowing Jay. The fur on these three was incredible. Hairy, natural, manly. Their bearded mugs scruffing against each other as they made out.

The two pups swapped spots so Jay could taste Patch’s sweet hole while Axel got to enjoy his warm, wet mouth. Fucking gorgeous, the entire display. Jay wasted no time getting his spit-wet dick inside Patch’s ass raw and rock hard. He mounted him in doggie and began thrusting. They were all so fucking horny for hole. Jay and Axel leaned in to kiss over top of Patch, who was happily gagging on Axel’s boner at one end and taking Jay’s bareback bone up the other.

They bounced over to the bed for some more space, Patch offering up his enticing ass immediately, his black-socked feet sexy as all hell. What a stud! It was Axel’s turn to feel his tight hole wrapped around his cock. He filled him up balls deep and started humping as Patch went down on Jay, moaning through the gulps. This guy was in heaven. They were all in heaven! Axel pounded Patch’s ass while Jay watched and enjoyed the oral. Axel gripped Patch’s jockstrap waistband and entered him deep. Patch threw Jay’s hairy legs up and rimmed his tasty pup hole, licked and sucked his balls and big dick, all while getting railed by hot Axel and his hot, hairy, raw hard-on. All the fur, the ink, the piercings… visual overload. What a stunning trio. Patch took charge and fucked himself on Axel’s rod. Then Jay wanted to get in the middle, so he pushed his dick inside Patch and opened his bareback hole for Axel to get inside him. They slicked their furry bodies with plenty of SPUNK and went to sexing.

The moans and groans that escaped their lips were intoxicating. Little Jay was filling and getting filled, the perfect pup in the middle. As he thrust into Patch, he subsequently screwed himself on Axel’s cock. What a fucking hot train. To show off a better view, they slid into a sideways spoon and displayed all their sex. Axel fucking Jay fucking Patch. Holy fuck! Three dudes putting their bodies together for ultimate enjoyment and pleasure - theirs AND ours!

Next, Patch sat on Axel’s face and got his ass eaten while he hugged and kissed and encouraged his bro Jay to get Axel’s big stiff one up his ass. The instant brotherly love and camaraderie among them was heartwarming and dick-hardening. Their bond was already formed and just watching them touch and hold each other while also having insanely hot sex was mind-blowing.

The Pups were on the verge of cumming, so they got into their final positions to blow their loads. These Pups really wanted to seed their Patch. Jay fucked his nut deep inside Patch, breeding his hole properly. Axel jumped to his feet and jerked his cock over Patch’s thirsty throat, shooting his seed and coating his face, lips and tongue with cum. Jay kissed him and licked off the sperm, then Axel fed him the remaining drops and kissed him deep. Patch nursed both their raging erections, ensuring all the semen had been drained from their piss slits. What a way to treat your Pups right, and what a way to show Patch he’s part of the GuyBone family. Well done fellas! AROO!

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