Adam Surge

Adam Surge

Smoldering, seductive Adam will surely give you a surge in your shorts. Scruffy, scintillating, hairy, handsome, and incredibly smart. Dark fur covers his body, surrounds his mouthwatering shaft, and decorates his inviting hole.



A hairy, hung, pierced, tatted, sexy, smart, smooth-headed stud pup. He's devilishly handsome and shy guy sweet. Armed with an adorable smile, a troublemaker's eyebrow raise, and a beefy body we all want to get in bed with, chart your course with Atlas, cuz the destination is always a good time!


Adam and Atlas Flip Raw

Adam and Atlas had been working each other up online, fantasizing about getting together in wresting singlets and having a hot roll in the sack. I was more than happy to film them living out their fantasy. They immediately began the body worshipping, taking big whiffs and licks of each other’s hairy pits. Their hairy bodies peaked out of their tight singlets in all the right places. And their cocks raged hard and bulged against the fabric, begging to be touched, sucked, and tucked into a warm asshole. They’d built up so much sexual tension, they ended up with an extra 20 minutes of footage! That’s double standard length and definitely more fuck for your buck!

Perfect chemistry was evident as Adam went down on Atlas, slobbering on his pole through the singlet. He was already leaking pre cum through his own and they pulled out their boners and stacked them together. Hot, hard flesh pressed against the same, throbbing, aching, begging for more attention. Atlas nursed on Adam’s nipple then laid back for an incredible blowjob from his bro. Nuts full, feet bare, Atlas kicked back for some stellar cock service.

Adam deep-throated Atlas’ thick cock, stroking his own bone below. He hopped up on his buddy and fed him his stiff dick. Atlas gobbled it up, enjoying tasting that equally thick prick. He tongued his nuts and spit on his shaft, sucking it sloppy and sexy.

Adam took charge and edged their dicks together with some sexy as fuck frotting. He beat Atlas’ dick up, smacking it around and slapping it, teasing it. Atlas took his turn in control and milked some pre cum out of Adam’s piss slit, tasting it, then dropping down on that dick to suck some more out of his bub.

He pulled his singlet down and showed off his super furry chest, sculpted and covered in tattoos. He fed Adam his cock again as he stroked his, then they both stripped completely out of their singlets so Atlas could bury his face between Adam’s awesomely hairy butt cheeks. So fuzzy, so juicy, the perfect peach. Atlas devoured his butt then slid his stiff cock between his furry cheeks, feeling the scruff slide across his shaft. The way Adam’s ass cheeks jiggled when Atlas shook his face between them was heavenly. They kissed, tasting their body parts on each other’s lips and tongues, stacking and jerking their dicks together again.

Adam got his tongue deep in Atlas’ asshole, rimming him with precision. He licked from dick tip to balls to taint to hole, making sure he wet the entire fun strip. He smacked his erection on Atlas’ juicy ass cheek and then slid into a scintillating 69. Adam sucked Atlas’ schlong as Atlas ate out Adam’s furry crack. So much spit. So much suction. So many moans and delicious oral noises for my ears to feast on.

With holes and poles wet and ready, Adam sat on Atlas’ rock hard rod first, slowly taking it all the way inside him. It was an instant welcome fit and Adam began riding him, his own bone bouncing against Atlas’ hairy torso. He fucked himself good with Atlas’ dick, then Atlas pumped him full of cock and held his ass cheeks open for me to see the sexy penetration. They looked so fucking hot as one grinding, gyrating body.

Slicked up with SPUNK Lube, Atlas flipped Adam on his back and drove his dick in deep again. They kissed passionately, one bro filling the other with his big dick. Atlas jerked Adam’s hard-on as he railed his tight hole. Their hairy bodies were tangled in the sexiest knot ever. And their sexy, soft words to each other got us all that much stiffer.

It was time to flip and the boys were boned as fuck. Atlas sat down on Adam’s raging hard-on and felt him fill him up to his full ball sack. Their sexy bare feet drove me wild as they fucked each other bareback. Adam slammed his shaft against Atlas’ prostate, sending them both to paradise. Atlas gripped the headboard as he rode Adam’s big one. Then Adam flipped him over and fucked him missionary, kissing and whispering sweet, sexy nothings to him. The pair put on the perfect show, Atlas feeding Adam pre cum from his piss slit, crediting his pounding with pushing it out.

They swapped positions again so Adam could ride Atlas once more. God damn, Atlas pumped that hole. And he fucking showed it off while he did it, pulling Adam’s ass cheeks open to see that furry perfection. He continued topping him in doggie, his raw rod railing him from behind. He pulled him up into a hug fuck, them both on their knees, then got him on his back a final time to fill him full of cum.

Atlas unloaded his nuts as deep as he could inside Adam’s ass then pulled out and showed off that gorgeous seed-splattered butt hair. He’d bred his buddy well and was eager to assist Adam in joining him in orgasm ecstasy. He licked his armpits and fondled his big balls. He sucked his nips and teased his hole. All the while, Adam beat his meat furiously, working up that load in his dick. At Adam’s request, Atlas dangled his nuts over his face so he could sniff them as he jerked his cock. It brought Adam to climax and as he announced he was cumming, Atlas scurried to his dick just in time to catch a rocket of jizz that landed on the back of his neck and head. What a load, Adam! Clearly chatting ahead of filming helps build chemistry and a bro bond like no other. These two are fucking proof!

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