Adam Surge

Adam Surge

Smoldering, seductive Adam will surely give you a surge in your shorts. Scruffy, scintillating, hairy, handsome, and incredibly smart. Dark fur covers his body, surrounds his mouthwatering shaft, and decorates his inviting hole.

Axel Black

Axel Black

Sporting some of the bushiest pubes on GuyBone, Axel Black is hairy from head to toe and just as hot! Pierced, inked, sweet and sexy, this stud is more than ready for action in the bedroom. He was made for it!


Adam and Axel Flip Raw

We’re totally obsessed with union suits! Dustin and Cosmo wore them for a recent raw fuck and before that, Lance and Sherman showed them off at their sexy sleepover. Now, Adam and Axel are unsnapping their suits and pulling out their big boners for some bro bating, bareback flip-fucking action!

Nestled on the sofa, these studs stroked each other’s stiff dicks and tweaked nipples to build up the sexual tension. Boned and horny beyond belief, they moved to the bed where Adam fed Axel his dong and hefty nuts before 69ing his stud puppy costar. They looked bro as fuck in their onesies and snapbacks, erections erupting from their suits.

Always a fan of nipple play, Adam made sure to pay attention to Axel’s nips as much as he requested his own be played with. He devoured Axel’s hard-on, getting it nice and wet for a sloppy jerk sesh. He stacked their cocks together and slapped them, stroked them, and spit on them for a frotting that wouldn’t quit.

Axel entered Adam’s furry hole first, doggy style, hugging his hips and shoulders as he sexed him raw. Their bodies fit together excellently and they were ready to versatile it up, flip-fucking their way to ecstasy. Axel railed Adam raw then Adam rode his bone in cowboy. His own bone bounced up and down as he fucked Axel with his ass, inviting Axel to touch his steel shaft and tease his furry nips.

Adam got his beautiful boner inside Axel’s bushy butt and began pumping him full of hot cock. Man, they looked hot together. He held his pecs and pinned his chest in place, sexily kissed him, and went back to screwing. They both shined in both positions, equally excelling at topping and bottoming. Hard as hell and horny for life, they fucked hard and with vigor, working their way toward impending orgasms and showcasing their mouthwatering libidos.

Back and forth they flipped, Adam getting dicked down again next. His hot, hairy body looked stunning as the sexy tatted and pierced top plundered his pucker. Then they flipped again, Axel taking his turn as cowboy, riding Adam’s rod on the ottoman. Balls and big dick bouncing ass action as they humped away. Adam climbed on top of Axel on the bed and drilled his delicious hole while I checked out their sexy bare feet. He thrust hard into Axel’s hairy ass, filling it completely with his confident cock. He tapped his prostate and kept on pounding.

They finished their fantastic flip-fuck and jerked themselves to completion, both craving facials. Axel bust first, painting Adam’s face and eye with his seed. Adam joined the cum party, shooting a nice rope of jizz on Axel’s cheek. It dripped and dangled down and they shared a laugh, then kissed so Adam could also get a taste of his own load. What a fucking hot finale to an incredible shoot!

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