Adam Surge

Adam Surge

Smoldering, seductive Adam will surely give you a surge in your shorts. Scruffy, scintillating, hairy, handsome, and incredibly smart. Dark fur covers his body, surrounds his mouthwatering shaft, and decorates his inviting hole.

Robin Pierce

Robin Pierce

Look no further for that shy, sexy gaymer next door! Robin Pierce is the perfect lean, furry otter for your playtime fun. Hairy from head to toe (check out those bushy pits), his dark body fuzz against pale skin is as gorgeous as his sweet smile.


Adam Tops Robin Raw

Off the bat, Adam and Robin made no secret about their love and lust for tits and nips. Furry pec worship was the name of the game. Sucking, licking, fondling, both their boners responded immediately to nipple attention. Hardwired some might say. And there begins the wild raw romp that is Adam Tops Robin Raw. So wild, they ended up with 5 extra minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!

Adam teased Robin’s hairy, hard nips then encouraged his bro to taste his. Robin obliged. Their back and forth body bonding was incredibly erotic. Adam was first to whip his dick out, showing off his raging erection and enticing Robin with it.

Adam was such a good instructor, telling Robin exactly what he wanted him to do. Robin bent over and took Adam’s boner in his mouth, instantly pleasing his top. He serviced that steel shaft with expertise. Adam laid back and offered more hard-on to be had. Robin didn’t disappoint, going to town on that beautiful boyfriend cock.

Adam peeled his shirt off and exposed his perfectly furry and fit body. Woof, he’s so well built. After some good working over of Adam’s dick, and being fed some leaking pre-cum, Robin also removed his shirt and got cozy in his undies. The room seemed to instantly heat up as they stripped down to their underwear.

They traded places on the bed and Adam retrieved Robin’s boy bone, plopping it between his bearded lips, feeling it stiffen and grow in his warm, wet mouth. He slapped them together and they frotted with fervor. Wet with spit and stroked with soft hands, they were both boned as fuck in seconds. They played with each other’s cocks and admired each other’s hairy bodies. The undies fell off and Adam buried his face between Robin’s furry butt cheeks, devouring that delicious asshole.

Robin whimpered through the rim job, clearly in heaven having his big bro nibble on his hidden, hairy treasure. Adam rarely came up for air, a total pro at deep diving. Then he was greasing his dong with SPUNK Lube and entering a very ready Robin. Adam filled the good boy with his very good bone and the bareback sex had begun.

Their furry bodies banged together as Adam thrust into Robin’s ass. He planked above him, pile driving his dong deep into his little bro. Robin’s whimpers and Adam’s low-tone moans were sending sex sparks flying. They had perfect chemistry and it was bouncing off the walls. Adam fucked him hard and raw, and yet somehow still tender and caring. It was elegant and intoxicating all at once.

It was Robin’s turn to show off his muscular, perfectly toned yet cuddly body as he climbed on top to ride Adam’s cock. It slid into place with ease and he took off like a rocket, riding that raw cock wonderfully. The brotherly love banter back and forth was beautiful as Adam’s cock worked Robin’s prostate and his hand jerked his huge hard-on. It’s a wonder their furry bodies didn’t start a friction fire, but they were putting off plenty of heat regardless.

They continued screwing in this scintillating position until Robin couldn’t hold his load back any longer. Eager to paint Adam’s bearded mug, Robin beat his big, hard meat and shot ropes into Adam’s mouth and onto his furry face. So fucking hot. He nearly collapsed after his climax, but had just enough juice left to help his big bro bust, too. He suckled and nursed Adam’s tit, his hand working it, squeezing for some milk. But it wasn’t Adam’s tit that would provide sustenance, it was his cock. He painted Robin’s beard with creamy man milk and orgasmed wildly. Robin cleaned him up and met up top for a final smooch amidst all the jizz in their beards and on their faces. Fucking hot, fellas. Anything for a bro.

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