Adam Surge

Adam Surge

Smoldering, seductive Adam will surely give you a surge in your shorts. Scruffy, scintillating, hairy, handsome, and incredibly smart. Dark fur covers his body, surrounds his mouthwatering shaft, and decorates his inviting hole.


Adam's Sunset Stroke

Adam Surge, the GuyBone rookie who got his raw welcome for our 8 Year Anniversary, was more than happy to spend a little alone time in front of my camera. In fact, some might say he excels at solo performances. A master bater, Adam knows exactly how to work his rod for the audience. A true showman, this Surge of sexuality is always ready to give the viewers that extra seductive edge. So much so, he ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more spank for your bank!

As the sun set outside, an already erect Adam laid on the bed barefoot and naked except for a jockstrap that couldn't quite contain his nuts. He pulled on them which made his dick even harder, tenting inside the jock. His sexy feet and hairy legs were outstretched and ready to flex. A light tweaking of the nipples sent his dick into a dancing frenzy and he had no choice but to release it from its cotton restraint.

His cock was stiff as steel. The shaft was veiny and had a slight curve that said ‘let me slide down your throat with ease.' He lubed his handsome cock with SPUNK and immediately felt the liquid satisfaction slide across the surface of his penis. His nips were 100% hardwired to his prick. When he touched them, his cock pulsed. His fingers roamed to his hairy hole, exploring the dark wonders within. He gently caressed his body as the tips of his digits entered his asshole. Just a tease, though, then he was back to tugging on his cock and toying with his nipples.

He slid out of his jockstrap and huffed his man musk deeply. It made him precum and he tasted it before continuing to stroke his boner. His dick was so hard and looked so perfect as he drizzled more lube down its side, rubbing it in and covering his balls and taint, too. He snapped his dick against his stomach with a sexy thwap! His moans began to get louder and his precum trails longer. He was working himself into a horny tizzy.

Again, he tasted the liquid gold oozing from his piss slit. Then he lubed a toy and inched it inside himself. His dick grew firmer, his nipples more taut. I could sense his balls aching to release the batter they'd been churning. He fucked himself slowly with the butt plug and threw his head against the pillow in ecstasy. The setting sun cast fantastic shadows across his body and the bed giving him a warm glow as he played with himself.

He beat his meat more aggressively then released it, feeling the rush of ejaculation approaching, the edging experience driving him wild. He was up on his knees suddenly, the toy up his ass again, his dick aimed skyward. He rode the plug for a moment then put the focus back on the hardon in his hand. He pushed it through his fist and back, smacked it around like the fuck stick it was, and bounced it up and down as if discovering it for the first time. His bushy pits smelled divine and he took a big whiff. His chest and tummy were furry as all fuck and I loved the dark, curling forest that was his body hair.

He sat back against the headboard and milked his cock for all it was worth. His balls began to tighten, a sure sign there was a cumshot on the horizon. He rubbed one out furiously, a rich, creamy load erupting from his cock head, spilling over his knuckles, and dripping down to the bed. He exhaled heavily, having given himself quite the workout and the camera a solid solo stroke. Adam Surge, folks, accept no substitutions.

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