Talk about a steaming piece of twink meat! Aidee is smart, sweet, and incredibly sexy! That big smile flashes pearly whites that melt your heart.


Aidee's Solo

From the get go, Aidee was naked and fingering his delectable hole. The moans started almost immediately and he wasted no time stretching his ass with a butt plug. His curly hair, twinkling eyes, and smooth body made him an excellent addition to our twink category. Hadn't hired any in awhile, but Aidee was just too sweet and too sexy to pass up.

From the butt plug, he moved to anal beads. He'd never tried them before and I was more than happy to see him pop his cherry. He worked each ball into his tight hole, one push at a time, getting increasingly turned on as he buried the entire strand up his butt. His legs lifted into the air and he began writhing in pleasure. Then plop plop plop he pulled the beads out in a rush and no doubt tickled his insides along the way.

He stuffed them back in, easier this time as his asshole loosened. He pulled them out again, totally glad he'd finally tried them. He replaced the beads with his finger for a moment, working that pretty butthole, then was on to bigger and better things… a huge dildo that other models have been afraid to try. We'll call this dildo Mighty Joe so we have a name to refer to. Aidee held his incredibly hot, low hanging nuts out of the way as he introduced Mighty Joe to his ready asshole. He slid it in and gasped with expletives at the sheer girth of the sex toy.

He got accustomed to it relatively quick and began fucking himself with Mighty Joe. Lubed up with SPUNK, the big dildo was nearly balls deep in Aidee's boy hole. Trembling and with shaky voice, he continued rocking back and forth on the giant molded cock. Then he rolled over and up onto his knees as Mighty Joe fucked him doggie style. The behemoth dildo gaped Aidee's asshole to a point he approved of.

He finished off with the butt plug he'd started with, resting it in his happy, used hole as he jerked his own Mighty Joe. Aidee had a huge cock that didn't get used much in his solo, but fear not, there's plenty of it to be seen in his bareback fuck scene with Greyson Kent. He stroked out a nice load that he sprayed all over himself. Then came the body twitches. Ecstasy took its toll on him, making him spasm uncontrollably after he busted his nut. He sighed and began cleaning himself up the best way we know, by eating his own cum. Next time you see Aidee, he'll be riding Greyson instead of sex toys, but no matter what he has up his ass, he's a pro bottom who knows how to make himself feel good.

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