Aster Avery

Aster Avery

I've seen few guys who are as naturally photogenic as Aster. He's got a raw sexiness to him while maintaining that boy next door cuteness. His smile is infectious, his eyes sparkling, and his body is oh so lickable.


Aster's Solo

Damn, this guy is sexy! Aster is incredibly photogenic and a genuinely nice dude. I was instantly turned on when I saw him working up that chub through his shorts. He undid his fly and out popped a handsome cock. Love that he was commando. He started playing with himself and that dick grew taller and harder than I'd imagined possible. What a fantastic boner. Cut, curved, and so fucking stiff. Anchored by two heavy balls that bounced with each jerk of his wrist, Aster was more than a new recruit, he was a great find!

He got comfy in my office chair and before long had stripped out of his clothes, sitting naked in the seat, that incredible cock pointed to Heaven. Which is exactly where I was watching this intimate moment he was sharing. It's such a fantasy to know what guys look like when they jerk off. Such a private activity that I'm privy to witness. And then you get to witness. He beats his meat like a pro. Watching his sexy thumb cradle that cock as he rubs it fast and furious.

Aster is a leaker. Which I find so fucking hot! He kept kissing the head of his dick to his washboard stomach, each time leaving a sticky clear trace of precum. If I didn't have a camera in my hands, I'd have been licking that up before it had the chance to dry. Everything on this guy was perfect, from his adorably cute face to his masculine and hairy pits to his chiseled abs and perfect ass, legs and feet. Damn I could look at him for days! And watch him jerk off for months!

Unfortunately, we only had 10 minutes to fill, so I gave him the green light to cum and boy, did he. He shot out a hot, creamy load of milky cum that stood out on his caramel skin. The furthest drop landed above his naval, good distance! The rest drizzled down his erect dick like an ice cream topping you can't get enough of. His nut collected in a thick white pool on his pubes and he sighed in satisfaction.

I cannot wait to see Aster give the gift he has between his legs to costars. This guy is gonna be so much fun to film! And watch! Enjoy!

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