A hairy, hung, pierced, tatted, sexy, smart, smooth-headed stud pup. He's devilishly handsome and shy guy sweet. Armed with an adorable smile, a troublemaker's eyebrow raise, and a beefy body we all want to get in bed with, chart your course with Atlas, cuz the destination is always a good time!

Riley Landon

Riley Landon

WOOF, whatta pup! Riley Landon is a sexy lil package, hairy in all the perfect places and horny for all the flip fucking fun you can shake a stick at. His body is shredded, his head is shaved, and his mug is bearded - quite the trifecta.


Atlas Tops Riley Raw

Pup snuggles under the sheets led to some very sexy tenting when Atlas and Riley got together. Their furry, tatted bodies tangled beneath the covers. Their bald, bearded mugs made out madly. They were in it to win it from the beginning and all I had to do was stand back and enjoy the show!

They tossed off the blankets to reveal bones bursting from briefs and jock. Atlas nibbled his way around Riley's hairy pits and chest, their stiff dicks rubbing together through cotton barriers. He released Riley's hard-on from its fabric prison and swallowed it deep. His own big dick was raging from his jockstrap, having slipped out the side. They put their pricks together and frotted hotly.

Atlas flipped Riley's muscled legs up and spit on his hungry hole. He stripped out of his jock and presented his big bone to Riley for the sucking. Riley obliged, eagerly, worshipping his heavy nuts and taking his erection all the way down his throat. Atlas was busy fingering Riley's tight hole while he slobbered on his cock. Then he invited him to sit on his face so he could 69 rim him while receiving head.

Riley gagged on Atlas' girthy rod as he opened his hole to get nice and wet by the other pup's tongue. Atlas devoured Riley's furry fun spot, readying him for the upcoming ride. Their sexy 69 was glorious to watch! There was no keeping Riley from getting Atlas' cock balls deep down his throat. He was devoted to deep-throating. Atlas spanked him and told him to move forward so he could get at that ass even better. Their stiff dicks slid across each other as Riley assumed the position. Atlas ate him out for a minute, teased his butt with his cock, returned to rimming, then lubed up with SPUNK and slid his throbbing cock inside, slowly and successfully.

Riley was all moans as he relaxed and let Atlas inside him. Atlas filled him to the brim with stiff dick, beginning to pump and pick up the pace. Their doggie style was spot on for these horny pound pups. Collars jingled and ass cheeks shook as they slapped their bodies together in hot, bareback sex. I loved when Atlas sat still on his knees and let Riley ride back and forth on his bone. So hot! And when he snarled, seeing the hot action for himself, I thought I'd bust all over myself.

Riley was suddenly on his back getting railed raw. Atlas took firm hold of his hard dick and jerked it softly while screwing him intensely. Riley did some thrust-ups on Atlas' raging erection, his loose balls bouncing all around his inner thigh. Atlas grabbed Riley round the neck and choked him as he stuffed his hole full of hard dick. These two were totally simpatico. They kissed and sent shivers up my spine. Their bodies became one and the way their eyes met each other's was intoxicating.

After Atlas had pinned Riley to the bed in hot missionary, they moved to the edge so the bottom pup could suck some more tasty bone. Atlas' furry, beefy body looked fucking stunning as he sat on the corner of the bed, giving his big dick to kneeling Riley. He held his shaved head and face fucked him a little. Both boys hard as rock, Riley climbed on top of Atlas and sat down completely on his cock.

Able to see themselves sexing in the mirror, they both got even more turned on by their hot and horny reflections. Like watching a live porn. Bonus points if you spotted the director cameo in the mirror. Riley rode Atlas' towering shaft skillfully, getting in his squat workout for the day. They took turns in control, both with the ultimate goal of getting each other off and giving a great show. That they did, especially when Atlas pulled apart Riley's ass cheeks and showed off his hot and hairy hole as he slid his cock in and out of it. YUM!

It must have felt as great as it looked, because just a bit into it and Riley was shooting his load across Atlas' hairy chest. That big dick hit him deep and just right, causing his cum to spray out like a broken water hose. Atlas opened his mouth and caught some seed on his tongue. Riley grunted and shook the last of his sperm out of his stiff dick, scooping up the victory jizz and feeding it to Atlas and himself. Hungry, hungry pups.

He kept the cock inside as Atlas rolled him over, pounding him in missionary one more time. Pounding that hole. Pounding that load out. He bred Riley deep and bountiful, pulling out after his intense orgasm to show off his bottom pup's creampie pucker. Then he stuffed his red rocket back inside to ensure no more of his seed escaped Riley's ass. He sniffed his bud's sweaty pit and gave him one helluva final kiss. Big woof, boys. BIG. FUCKING. WOOF!

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