Austin Joseph

Austin Joseph

Austin Joseph is a studio guy who's taken a few years off from filming. We couldn't be happier that he got back into the game with GuyBone. He's ridiculously masculine with a voice so deep it stands your hairs on end.


Austin's Solo

Austin is a sexy mother fucker. He's masculine, brooding, and hot as hell. He totally reminds me of Billy Zane (the bad guy in Titanic), from his face to his deep voice to the way he talks. Shit, this guy is sex on a stick!

Austin has had lots of studio experience, but took a break for a few years before deciding to get back into the game with GuyBone. We are thrilled to have him. What a gentleman and what a turn on. He was rock hard in seconds, showing off that thick 7.5 incher through his faded jeans. He always goes commando and enjoys getting wood and seeing the reaction on other guys' faces.

Great body, great smile, beautiful blue eyes, Austin is the total package you'd want to take home to meet the folks. His voice is what really gets me going, though. It's so deep and manly it gives me goosebumps. From the softest whisper or moan of ecstasy to the clenched jaw and lip biting exclamation of near ejaculation, Austin's vocal chords are pheromones for my ears. Fuck. Me. Now.

Totally vers, I literally cannot wait to get Austin in the sack with a costar. Maybe dish up some hot flip fucking. His nuts get so tight and his dick pumps out big blasts of cum after stroking with SPUNK. He's way too hot for just a solo. I'm taking reservations now, boys. Get in line.

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