Avi Jacobs

Avi Jacobs

Proving great things really do come in small packages, Avi Jacobs is a pocket pistol of a sex pup. He's on the shorter side, which I love, and solid and sexy as hell. Good luck deciding between bending over for him or picking him up and tossing him around the bedroom.

Marco Napoli

Marco Napoli

The Italian Stallion, Marco Napoli may be a newcomer to the industry, but he's already making waves (and plenty of fans)! And with good reason. He's hard-bodied, hung, and handsome as hell.


Avi and Marco Flip Raw

Starting with a sexy laugh and smoldering smooches, Avi Jacobs welcomed Marco Napoli to the GuyBone fold. Yes, Dylan & Marco Flip Raw was released first because they were both brand new models for us, but this was Marco's actual inaugural scene. And Avi was elated to be his first costar. And to get to show off his top skills in a flip fuck. I love watching him top, seeing him gain that confidence, it's sexy as fuck. We all know Avi is one helluva bottom, but seeing him prove he's just as powerful a top is thrilling as fuck. And Marco, WOOF. Stud of studs. He's the perfect daddy / bro combo, filling whichever position you need him to perfectly. Happy to have him as a GuyBone Guy, super happy to show you these two bareback flip fucking! So happy, I included an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Their rugged facial hair rustled against each other as they sucked face. They pulled their shirts off and wasted no time getting each other down to their incredibly sexy underwear. They were cock hungry, and who could blame them with divine specimens of man standing in front of them? Marco released Avi's raging hardon from his jock and swallowed it deep. The whimpers he made while servicing Avi were delectable. He turned him around, against the glass, and ate his ass. Now it was Avi's turn to whimper. Feeling Marco's talented tongue on his tight hole was heaven.

Both their asses were hairy and beautiful, begging to be boned. First came the wetting and teasing, though. Marco devoured Avi's asshole then got his underwear off so he could feel wet, hot pup mouth on his cock. Avi was more than happy to suck that stiff dick. He gobbled it down whole while stroking his own shaft. Fuck, I love watching guys blow each other!

Avi got to taste Marco's furry butt, too, switching back and forth between rimming and blowing him. Both boners throbbed from the attention and the anticipation of a good fuck. Hearing Avi's scruff slide across Marco's hairy hole nearly did me in. When they flipped so Marco could rim and suck Avi, I thought I'd cream on the spot. He worked over Avi's perfect cock and ass with his sexy mouth. He lubed up with SPUNK and slid his fat dick inside that eager hole. They kissed wet and loud and with passion. Marco's toned tummy pressed against Avi's raging erection and hairy balls as he laid on top of him, making out and thrusting. His big dick filled Avi's tight ass and I swear Avi got harder the harder Marco humped him.

They were in a chair, absolutely annihilating each other sexually. Marco did a bareback pushup into Avi's ass. His dick looked so perfect going in and out of that hole. They grunted and grimaced at each other, totally brut and masculine. Marco nibbled on Avi's hot feet, a man after my own fetish. Avi clung to the chair as Marco lifted him off and fucked him midair. Damn, these boys were on fire!

Avi laid on the floor and pulled Marco's ass to his mouth by way of dick handle. It was beyond hot to see Marco squatting over Avi's face, giving him that delicious ass to munch on. Avi's cock jumped with excitement. It knew where it was soon going. Marco was ready, too. He turned around and sat down on Avi's steel shaft, letting it fill him up fully. These two were a perfect match and complimented one another at every thrust. Avi got his chance to shine as top as Marco rode his big prick balls deep. Watching the action, I could feel the sensation on my own cock. That warm, ready hole enveloping my slick shaft. It obviously felt great, the look on Avi's face was pure bliss.

Marco's ass needed a break, though, and that was fine. Avi and I were more than happy to have him top again. This was a flip fuck, after all. I had the best seat in the house, on my back underneath the guys. Avi leaned against the window once more, Marco entering him from behind. He pummeled his hole, making Avi's dick bounce with the bareback boning. His butt cheeks rippled with the rhythm of the raw fuck and I was enamored with these two animals going at it hardcore.

The way Marco wrapped his arms around Avi and nuzzled his nape as he fucked him sent sex goosebumps up my spine. The way Avi bent Marco over the chair to eat his hole, telling him “you have the best tasting ass,” nearly made me explode. These two belonged on each other like white on rice. It was Avi's turn to top again, and he was determined to make it last longer than the first go. We had faith in Marco, that he'd be a trooper and take that dick like a champ. And he surpassed our expectations, wildly. He may have cried out, but that didn't mean he wasn't loving every fucking inch of Avi's slicked up dick. His hairy hole opened for that boner beautifully. Avi screwed him in doggie, knelt on the arms of the chair. Avi's sculpted, inked body clenched and showed off all his muscles as he pumped his hips hard into Marco's manly ass. The absolute best position of this scene came when Avi climbed up on the arms of the chair himself, thrusting his cock down into Marco's furry fuck hole from above. What a sexy squat! He filled Marco's perfect ass repeatedly with his long rod. Then Marco turned and sat beneath him, gagging down his erection, lapping his hairy nuts, licking his hairy hole, begging for that cum to come.

It did, gloriously, all over Avi's mouth and tongue. They kissed hard after Marco had emptied his load onto Avi's hungry mug. Avi sat on Marco's lap, his balls dancing on Marco's happy trail, and jerked his cock to completion. He stood up when the time was right and rained his seed down on a very thirsty Marco. This is my fave position to receive a facial in, and I could tell Marco agreed. He sucked down every last drop and proudly showed off the jizz trail dripping from his bearded chin. Avi had painted his face and the chair. After another cummy kiss, effectively mixing their loads together, Marco finished with “let's do it again,” and Avi and I knew a reprise would be gladly welcomed anytime.

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