Avi Jacobs

Avi Jacobs

Proving great things really do come in small packages, Avi Jacobs is a pocket pistol of a sex pup. He's on the shorter side, which I love, and solid and sexy as hell. Good luck deciding between bending over for him or picking him up and tossing him around the bedroom.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Parker Allen is cute as fuck and even furrier! He's unbelievably sexy and his pics don't do justice to the in-person version. He's incredibly charming and has a smile that'll melt you fast.


Avi and Parker Flip Raw

A year ago, Avi Jacobs and Parker Allen were part of the circle jerk scene Electric Seven. It ended up winning a Best Group Scene award from Raven's Eden and created a spark between these two costars. Avi lusted after Parker for a year, and when I was finally able to bring them together again, it was only fitting they toast to celebrate their award-winning scene and then flip fuck each other's brains out in victory. This duo was so dynamic, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

After cheers-ing with champs, Avi suggested they pop the scene on the telly and enjoy a viewing. They settled onto the couch and watched themselves stroking cock on the flat screen. Parker couldn't have been more adorable than when he bashfully blushed at Avi's confession of having crushed on him since they filmed the group scene. Now they were alone, ready for some one on one fun.

After some passionate kissing, Avi's steel shaft sprung from his gym shorts and landed in Parker's mouth. I was elated to see these two together at last. I loved every part of the group scene, but these two had always stuck out as having something more, some extra chemistry, some unspoken attraction. And now they were living it, putting it out there for all of us to see in full glory.

Parker was sucking Avi's cock supremely. The tatted pup was bone solid, flexing his ass muscles as he face fucked his furry companion. Avi's erection was perfection. The vein running along the top of his shaft pumped blood to his head and made his entire dick throb inside Parker's wet orifice.

They moved to the bedroom, where Avi had readied the bed with rubber sheets. Parker asked if he wanted to fuck him and the answer was an obvious and excited yes. Avi wet Parker's hairy hole with his mouth and lined his stiff dick with SPUNK Lube. He slid his boner inside the juicy ass before him, making them both bellow in feel-good satisfaction. Their inked bodies linked and Avi began screwing Parker at a heated rate.

As the city sounded outside, Parker gave himself up to Avi. He flipped onto his back and threw his legs up. Avi was in total top mode, destroying Parker's hole perfectly. His slick shaft looked heavenly sliding in and out of that gorgeous ass. He sucked Parker's nipples and kissed him deeply as his dick plunged into his hole. Their bodies had finally come together and it was divine. Next, Parker sat on Avi's hardon and I delighted in being able to see both sets of bare feet at the same time. Their feet were fucking sexy as hell and watching their toes flex as they fucked raw had me drooling all over myself.

Avi's nuts rose and fell repeatedly as Parker bounced on his bone. Then they tightened as he entered him balls deep. He grabbed Parker's luscious ass and squeezed his cheeks while he fucked him. His own hairy hole just inches below his beautiful balls, begging for its turn. But for the moment, it was Parker's turn and he was fucking loving it. He rode Avi like a pro, squatting over him to show off the sex. His beefy, furry body was driving me wild as it bucked on that big, hard dick.

With their eyes locked in an embrace as steamy as their bodies, Avi and Parker continued to bone bareback. Avi's nuts slapped against Parker's ass as he slammed his stick deep inside him. His asshole wrapped around Avi's pole as perfectly as his lips had earlier. They moved into my favorite spooning position and continued the raw reunion romp. With Parker resembling Euron Greyjoy and Avi invading his hole with his Iron Fleet, this game of passionate throes was at its finest!

Lube and precum mixed together to create a fantastically frothy frosting cobwebbing from Parker's used hole to Avi's raging erection. Their sex was literally dripping. Parker climbed back on top of Avi's cock to ride it some more before they flipped roles. Once they switched Parker to top, Avi was instantly at home as his bottom. Fuck, he'd been waiting a year to feel that fullness in his hole. I felt kinda bad for only letting them circle jerk before, but in the end, it built up all this sexual tension that now flowed freely.

Parked pounded away at Avi's ass, his prick fully swollen and seriously thick. His balls looked ready to explode as he returned to the spooning position, this time with Avi's ass taking the bareback beating. Hairy, handsome, and incredibly horny, Parker nailed Avi to the rubber sheets with his stiff one. To finish, Avi prefers riding a rock hard dick. The view from over his shoulder was too hot, looking down on his towering rod rubbing against Parker's furry torso. The top's dazzling eyes gave all sorts of ‘come fuck me' bedroom gazes. So Avi did fuck him. Hard and raw until he was ready to bust. He came sexy ropes across Parker's hairy chest, rubbing the jizz in with his pulsating penis. Exhausted but eager to help his porn crush cum, Avi stroked Parker's furry chest and tweaked his pierced nips while Parker pulled the padge. When he was ready to shoot, Parker jumped to his knees and let out his load over top of Avi's hungry mouth. His seed painted Avi's nose, mustache, chin and lips. Avi cleaned the cum from his cock, they kissed, and we all went home very happy to have had the chance to cum back together and celebrate two award-winning wonders.

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