Axel Flint

Axel Flint

Axel Flint is a sexy, trim swimmer who has one of the hottest grins I've ever seen. This guy smiles and literally lights up a room. Not to mention, my dick.

Scotland Grey

Scotland Grey

Scotland's tight, toned body is covered in a light coat of fur and his handsome, hefty dick gets rock hard really easily. His ass is perfection, as are his bad boy tats and angel smile. And when he cums, you'd better have your umbrella handy.


Axel and Scotland Flip

Scotland is a fuzzy little fucker. Axel has just the right amount of fur. Put them together and you have one of the hottest, hairy from the waist down rolls in the hay ever! Dark, curly nests of hair at the entrance to both their assholes. Masculine, hairy legs and stomachs. Fuck. Watching these two screw was almost more than I could handle.

They started off sucking tongues and dicks on the dresser, then moved to the bed for some interesting 69ing. While Scotland used his big flat tongue to lick Axel's hairy hole, Axel used his warm mouth and curved tongue to swallow Scotland's rock hard cock.

The two studs took turns fucking, but I suspect Axel felt more at home as bottom in this scene because he only took his turn as top once. I imagine Scotland's perfectly long and thick cock feels more than incredible buried between your butt cheeks, slathered in SPUNK Lube. And those fuzzy nuts slapping against your ass as he thrusts only add to the arousal.

I've seen plenty of on screen chemistry between GuyBone guys, but these two are toward the top of the list. Not only do they look fucking hot together, you can tell there's an intense passion erupting between them as they fuck. And then, of course, there's also the huge eruption of cum from both their cocks that's a good indicator of their sexual compatibility.

When I told Axel that Scotland was looking for his first costar, I should have known I was in for something fantastic. Axel told me not to let Scotland film with anyone else before he got the chance to "break him in." Break him in he did, and I think Scotland did his fair share of breaking in as well... into Axel's tight hole.

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