Joel Someone

Joel Someone

Joel Someone might have the hottest, most exciting sexual energy of anyone I've ever worked with. He's like the uncle I wanted when I was young. The one I desperately fantasized about fucking.

Luke North

Luke North

So funny, Luke North will have you in stitches before seducing you into the sheets. Beefy with bulging muscles and brooding features, he looks like a tough guy. But under the masculine exterior, there's a teddy bear who loves to laugh and cuddle.


Backwoods Barebackers

With a classic, coy glance at the camera as he slid down his track pants, letting his big boner pop out in Luke North’s face, Joel Someone started their sexy, outdoor flip-fuck adventure right! Luke devoured that hefty dong, taking it deep down his throat with ease. The deeper he sucked, the harder Joel got. He eagerly let it hit the back of this throat, gagging him and welling his eyes. He loved choking on that cock. And Joel loved feeding it to him, gazing into those pretty eyes.

Luke worshipped Joel’s huge rod, slobbering all over it and spitting and crying with satisfaction. Drooling bubbles, he blew Joel best he could, which was THE best, flashing those baby blues up at his costar the entire time. The pair was on fire for each other, raging hard and ready for all the wilderness rough fucking they could get. Taylor Imagined was on location with us, shooting the fantastic gallery stills you see on this page. Loved having his talented eye capturing all the backwoods shenanigans. Thanks for the photos, bub!

Joel dropped to his knees and invited Luke to whip out his own dick. He jerked himself as he blew Luke’s boner, his backwards cap sending all the right bro vibes out into nature. He sucked Luke’s nuts and swallowed his dick deep, his own fat schlong throbbing in his palm. As Joel gave stellar head, Luke bent over his back and pulled down his trackies to reveal a very hairy, very hungry hole. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see enough of Joel’s hole on a regular basis, so when I get the opportunity, I relish it.

Luke pulled Joel’s ass cheeks apart and showed off that glorious gash that was begging to be filled. Joel winked his hole and I nearly fainted in excitement. Joel was slobbering all over Luke’s hard cock and Luke added to the froth with his own saliva when he spit in Joel’s mouth and shoved him back on his stiff dick. These boys were jonesing for some bareback backwoods action and damnit, they were gonna get it!

They pulled their shirts off and kissed, jerking each other’s cocks and telling each other what they wanted to do sexually. Joel needed to rim Luke so they got into doggie and he dove his tongue deep into Luke’s warm, waiting hole. He lapped at the entrance and had Luke push his pucker out. He was ready to fuck and he stood up to stick his dick deep inside Luke on all fours.

Joel’s massive meat stick slid into Luke’s wet hole welcomingly. They were a perfect fit. Luke gave up control and Joel owned his ass. His prick looked divine driving in and out of that silky, pink slit. Their hairy, tatted bodies looked hot as fuck as they humped wildly in the wild. Two beast men, boning in nature. Fucking love it!

Joel put Luke up against a tree and nailed him to it with his big, stiff dick. Luke’s juicy ass jiggled with the rhythm of Joel’s hip thrusts. Their raw fucking was intense and gorgeous to watch. When Joel hit Luke’s second hole, they nearly orgasmed on the spot. Luckily for everyone, they still wanted to flip so Luke could feel Joel’s perfect hole wrapped around his pole.

They swapped spots and Joel hugged the tree as Luke fucked him from behind. Hairy, ready hole greeted Luke’s rock hard cock as he entered Joel’s ass bareback. He screwed him fast and hard, just like they both wanted. Then he squatted and rimmed Joel’s hole, taking care to make sure it was wet enough. His fat tongue wormed its way around Joel’s furry fuck hole, making both their cocks ache with excitement. He buried his mustached face in that beautiful butt and ate to his heart’s content.

Luke’s beefy, fuzzy body was a barrel as it boned Joel’s butt. He got him on his back and sexed him deep and delicious. Joel sang like a choir boy as Luke hit every feel good spot inside his body. He boned him raw and wild and neither could get enough. Joel looked so fucking hot on his back, Luke playing with his big, hard dick as he railed his tender hole. They were totally in sync and had become one with their surroundings. Nature boys doing what boys do best, fucking in the elements.

Joel was not gonna pass up the chance to top Luke once more while he had him in the woods, so they propped themselves up on a fallen tree stump and fucked like stags. The sun was shining beautifully on their naked bodies and Joel was butt fucking Luke like there was no tomorrow. Luke reached back and they held hands like truly bonded buds as they screwed. Joel’s dick filled his guts full and he never tired of thrusting.

Eventually, of course, they couldn’t hold back their cum any longer and needed to bust fat loads. Joel shot first, coating Luke’s hungry tongue and mustache, blaring out his battle cry orgasm scream. Then Luke joined him in sticky satisfaction by painting Joel’s waiting beard and lips and cheek with ropes of semen. Joel cleaned his cock and kissed him a cummy congratulations on one hot outdoor raw flip-fuck. Now, can we find you fellas a creek to rinse off in before the drive back to civilization?

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