Avi Jacobs

Avi Jacobs

Proving great things really do come in small packages, Avi Jacobs is a pocket pistol of a sex pup. He's on the shorter side, which I love, and solid and sexy as hell. Good luck deciding between bending over for him or picking him up and tossing him around the bedroom.

Dillinger Diggs

Dillinger Diggs

This sexy, hairy stud will tell you he's not a true redhead, but I see plenty of ginger fur to corroborate my theory. Whether he's genuine fire crotch or not, Dillinger is definitely on fire! Looking sophisticated in specs or ruggedly handsome without, it takes zero effort for this hunk to look good.



Dark hair, perfect dick, fucking adorable smile, hypnotic blue bedroom eyes. West was a busy boy, but worth the wait. When we finally got him on GuyBone, there was no going back.



WOOF, this bearded, furry, tatted, uncut hunk of beefcake is all man, all hot, all horny! Zaddy is a GoGo dancer, which is evident by the way he moves in bed. He's vers but prefers the top dance floor, and something tells me it won't be difficult finding willing bottoms to open up for that thick cock of his.


Bareback Bro Fest

It was late night after GuyBone's infamous underwear party, Trousers Down. The guys had all GoGo danced the night away and gotten really riled up by the horny crowd. They were on fire to get back to the hotel to strip down and bro out with each other's naked bodies. And thankfully, I had my camera ready. They ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

West was gulping down Zaddy's fat uncut cock while his hubby, Avi, sucked his raging hardon. Dillinger devoured Avi's hairy hole on the other end of the bed. Then Zaddy knelt and joined Avi in orally pleasuring West. Seeing these former costars sharing sucking duties on West's handsome stiff dick was heaven, especially while seeing Dillinger munch Avi's ass simultaneously.

All four guys were hairy as fuck and horny to the extreme. Dillinger's ginger curls looked divine on his pale skin while he tossed Avi's salad. Zaddy's jet black beard was shiny and smooth while he slurped down West's thick shaft. Hairy bushes galore, pits, cracks, legs, chests… could these four have been any more hairily fantastic?

Each of them inked with hot tattoos and masculine branding, these bros were ready to bone. But not before some more foreplay. After all, they wanted to taste and touch every inch of each other. Avi and West rimmed Dillinger and Zaddy side by side before Avi switched over to Zaddy's juicy, furry ass. Zaddy blew West again and Dillinger returned the rimming favor to Avi, the four of them forming a hot train of oral satisfaction. A human sexipede, if you will.

Zaddy slobbered all over West's raging boner and laid his forehead on the phallus as Avi entered him from behind. Tight as fuck, hairy as hell, Zaddy's delicious bubble butt was begging to be pounded in doggie, and Avi was just the pup for the job. Zaddy continued giving West head as Avi delivered sexy tail. Their bare feet were so manly and sexy. Avi pumped away, his long, perfectly straight shaft gliding in and out of Zaddy's ass with new ease.

But seeing how fun bottoming for Avi looked, Dillinger wanted a ride. The guys switched it up and the furry ginger climbed on top of the hairy pup for a wild romp. Avi's steel rod slid in raw and Dillinger made room for it rather quickly. He'd been wanting this. Meanwhile, Zaddy was bro moaning up a storm as West screwed him silly two inches over. West joined in the vocal merriment and fucked Zaddy as hard as he could. Everyone watched the show being put on by the other guys right beside them. How hot to have a live porn playing next to you while you get your fuck on.

Sometimes I couldn't tell if Zaddy was loving the bareback boning or hating it. Then he'd throw out a “fuck, bro” and I knew he was eating up every goddamn second of that deep dicking. As was Dillinger, who had moved from cowboy to doggie so that he could feel what Zaddy was experiencing. The husbands were on their knees, fucking to their heart's delight, clinging tight to the hips of the bottoms in front of their cocks. West and Avi leaned in for a kiss and my dick took notice. Seeing these partner pups plowing away in tandem was everything I'd been wanting.

Avi needed back inside Zaddy STAT. He took over in doggie as West kicked back and got a blowjob from Dillinger across the bed. Avi's cock was rock hard and I was loving seeing him top so much. He's an incredible top and I love seeing guys realize they can be versatile. He flipped Zaddy over to screw him missionary while Dillinger hopped on West's dick and went for a joyride. Hairy nuts slamming against hairy hole, it was nice to see Avi and Zaddy flip roles since their first scene together was opposite, having Zaddy nearly destroy Avi's tight ass with his behemoth boner. Indeed, the tables had turned, in the hottest way imaginable.

Another switcheroo was inevitable, this time finding Dillinger riding Avi once more, and West sucking Zaddy again. Dillinger's milky white ass looked as tasty as white chocolate as olive skinned, dark haired Avi railed him. Bare feet and legs sprawled everywhere, I was in visual overload bliss. West tongued Zaddy's hefty ballsack and choked down his massive manhood. He asked Avi to lube his dick with SPUNK so that Zaddy could sit on it. And sit on it, he did. Balls deep. His bushy bro butt bounced up and down on West's readied rod as Avi looked on and jerked his own meat. Where had Dillinger gone? He'd passed out in the second bed, too tired and drunk to continue. That's what we get for filming after a bar party. He was going to have a bad case of blue balls the next morning.

Now doing double duty as the only bottom left riding, Zaddy hopped over to Avi's aching bone and buried it in his bushy backyard. West and Avi had loosened Zaddy's tight hole wonderfully, but he still moaned as if it was his first ride on a cock. Just made it all that much hotter to hear. All their vocals and Dillinger still didn't wake up. That boy was out cold.

The remaining trio would soon join him in sleeping serenity, but they'd get there by way of intense orgasm. West was up first. Zaddy licked his nuts as he stroked his cock. Avi jerked beside him. West beat his meat til a white hot, creamy load erupted from his piss slit. Zaddy caught some in his mouth and rubbed the rest into his beard. He tasted West's cum and played with his sensitive tip. Avi received the same treatment as he was about to spill his seed. I found it intensely arousing watching Zaddy service both husband's sets of balls as they shot their loads. Avi jerked his dick and watched Zaddy worship his sack. West rolled over to kiss and rub his partner pup. The combo of both men giving him such erotic attention sent him over the edge. He blasted a rocket of cum across his toned chest and happy trail. Zaddy cleaned up the glob oozing down his shaft. West got down there and helped clean him up completely. They shared a cummy kiss and then swapped spots so Zaddy could get off.

The über hairy hottie jerked his uncut crank until he shot his load all over his fuzzy tummy. He milked out the last drops of cum and rubbed it into his stomach carpet. He slapped his wet dick across West's face and then settled in for some zzz's. He glanced at West, Avi, and Dillinger, all fast asleep, and decided to join them in slumber. Sleep tight sexy men. That's one bareback bro fest we'll all continue to dream about.

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