Andy Cooper

Andy Cooper

Let his dazzling eyes and dashing smile lure you in, then stay for the incredibly sexy, sculpted body, juicy ass, and rock hard cock. Andy is such a sweetheart, seriously can't say enough about that smile. This studly dancer has all the right moves for you to get down and dirty with.

Perry James

Perry James

Shy and sweet, Perry is an innocent cutie patootie until you get his pants off. Then he's a hung, hairy sex machine programmed to deliver a good time. Whether you're enjoying that giant cock or that front and center pucker of an asshole, you're getting treated, because he's a sexy lil shot of smoldering otter.


Bareback Buds Part 1

It's GuyBone's 9 Year Anniversary and to celebrate, we're bringing in TWO NEW GUYS to showcase in an epic flip fuck TWO PART SCENE. These real life fuck buds are making their debut in porn and on GuyBone together, and we couldn't think of a better gift to give ourselves and you!

Andy and Perry have wicked hot chemistry, as they should, having so much off camera real world experience. They know each other's bodies like the back of their own hands. The only thing new for them was having me watch through my lens. And they loved it. Total naturals. So excited to introduce them to you and the world.

Cozied up on the couch, they started off slow and sexy, really taking their time warming each other up. Hands roamed, lips smacked, engines revved. We knew going into the two part scene that Perry would top first, then Andy. Didn't matter who was in which position, though, they were both stunning to spectate. They had such an ease with each other, it was evident they were having tons of wild sex in their spare time. And I felt super fortunate to be capturing it for everyone else to finally see.

Perry's shirt was pulled off and his pants undone as Andy worked on his nipples. They were suddenly both shirt free and I marveled at their beautiful bodies. Andy with his slightly beefier, muscled frame and Perry with his lean, toned torso. Goddamn, these boys were an eyeful. Then Andy had a handful as he pulled Perry's penis out of his pants and began fellating it. His pretty pink knob looked must-suck as it disappeared in and out of Andy's mustached mouth.

Andy worked his talented tongue up and down Perry's ever-stiffening shaft. He kissed his balls and whispered sweet dirties to him. He swallowed his cock whole, helping Perry achieve full erection status. He pulled his underwear off and went to town worshipping that heavenly rod. He gulped, he teased, he orally satisfied. Perry played with his matching pink nipple and watched his sexy costar service his long blonde schlong. His heavy, hairy balls hung under Andy's chin and would occasionally tighten and get goosebumps when the blowjob hit just right. The veins in his meaty shaft were prominent and raging hard with blood. He was boned to the max for Andy, obviously, with good reason. Andy was a master cocksucker and loved showing off his skills.

They kissed and Perry tasted himself on Andy's tongue and knew he needed to return the oral favor. He sat Andy back and stripped him of his pants. He went down on the handsome hunk with the fantastic hair and had him rock hard in seconds. He cupped his nuts and stroked his cock as he sucked. Andy tossed his head back in ecstasy. Perry slobbed his knob and made him moan deliciously. The sounds these two produced were outrageously hot. Perry deep-throated his partner as he admired his marvelous body. He raised his legs and went to town eating Andy's ass. He lapped from hole to ball sack and back. He readied that back door for his big dick, which was throbbing with excitement to get inside.

Perry sat on the couch, legs spread wide, and Andy climbed on top of his lap, sitting down completely on that towering boner. Armed with SPUNK Lube and high sex drives, Andy went to pound town quickly, slamming his sturdy ass down on Perry's shaft. They groaned and fucked bareback, hard and fast, then flipped to doggie so Perry could stand and deliver the dick. Perry held Andy's hips as he railed him raw. He choked him and filled his hole with hot cock. He bareback boned his bud expertly, balls deep and slapping against those bodacious butt cheeks. When he'd slip out from speed, he couldn't wait to slide it back in and feel that warmth around his rod. They were fucking fast and furious, feeling each other's bodies like never before.

To humor me, they tried a position new to them. Andy was riding Perry with Perry's legs skyward. While he stuffed Andy's delicious derrière full of cock, he teased a peek at his own hairy hole that we'd see more of in Part 2.

Both boys were ready to cum so they kicked back on the couch and rubbed out mouthwatering loads. Andy bust his nut first, a creamy seed that shot from his piss slit, splattered on his stomach, and ran all down his shaft and fingers. Perry followed his lead with a rocket launch of jizz that grazed his cheek on its way to painting the couch. They shared a laugh and a kiss and Andy asked, “you ready for round two?” The guys got up and moved to a pass through in the wall, Perry climbing into the box on all fours, ass up, ready to be rimmed. Andy moved in, hungrier than ever.


Be sure to see the rest of this scene in BAREBACK BUDS PART 2

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