Edison Garett

Edison Garett

Cute as can be, Edison Garett is one of the sexiest shy guys I've ever met. But don't be fooled, he's not shy once the camera starts rolling. A true exhibitionist, his inhibitions disappear between the sheets and he transforms into an honest to goodness sex machine.

Joel Someone

Joel Someone

Joel Someone might have the hottest, most exciting sexual energy of anyone I've ever worked with. He's like the uncle I wanted when I was young. The one I desperately fantasized about fucking.

Jonah Wheeler

Jonah Wheeler

Jonah is that boy next door you crushed hard on at summer camp, then fell in love with as he grew into an absolutely adorable, hot goofball. From the Haus of Someone (as in Joel Someone), Jonah joins GuyBone and makes all our dreams cum true! He's super sweet, has a wicked sexy smile, make you melt chocolate eyes, and a hot dad mustache ready for giving rides.


Big, Middle, Little Bros

10 FUCKING YEARS. What a happy, horny, hairy decade it’s been! Thanks for cumming along with us on the ride! To celebrate the milestone anniversary, we knew we had to film something special - and that we did! A bareback brotherly love threeway with big bro Joel, middle bro Jonah, and little bro Edison. You couldn’t ask for a randier group of guys ready to fuck raw and genuinely love up on each other. Here’s to exploring new turnons and another decade of sexy GuyBone Guys!

Imagine the folks were out and big bro Joel took his rightful seat in the center of the sofa, a sexy sibling to either side of him. They all wore matching tanks, white socks, and colorful briefs that were bulging from their growing boners. Jonah and Edison kissed their older bro and pulled his hard dick out of his underwear. They played with it and worshipped it, quickly scooting down the sofa to suck on it.

It was a feeding frenzy as Jonah and Edison licked up and down Joel’s shaft, pulled at his balls with their lips, and kissed each other across his cock. Every bro likes to please his other bros. And every bro likes to peek at hidden erogenous zones when he gets the opportunity. Joel’s chance came to inspect his bros holes and he took it, having them both bend over the back of the couch like they were at the doctors office. He pulled their briefs down and examined their hairy assholes, first with his eyes, then with his tongue. He pulled their stiff pricks out of their packages and touched them with care as he went from rimming to kissing and back. Jonah and Edison were very lucky, very good bros to be getting the special attention from their older bro Joel.

Edison serviced both his big bros as they made out. I’ve never seen dicks as raging hard as they were here. The brother vibe was utterly exactly what this trio was craving. My cock is throbbing just typing this, feeling their energy, their connection, their love. Jonah rubbed Edison’s back as the youngest went down on the oldest and I knew the bond between these three was unbreakable. After passing Edison back and forth, they shared a scintillating group kiss that went from sweet to animalistic in seconds. And I fucking ate it up.

Edison’s whimpers echoed through the room as he played monkey in the middle to his two big brothers. Jonah ate his tender, hairy hole while Joel fed his baby bro that big bro bone. Then they swapped so Edison could receive the full gambit of familial love. So nice seeing big bros take care of their little guy instead of picking on him. Nothing but adoration all around. Jonah fed his swollen cock to his little buddy while Joel devoured his furry pucker and played with his uncut erection. Then it was time to fuck and they were more than ready.

They moved to the chair in front of a big mirror to see themselves screwing from every angle. Joel put his big dick inside Edison first and was immediately pre cumming so much, that hole was naturally lubed. Edison loved getting railed by his oldest bro as he swallowed middle bro Jonah’s delicious dick. The older boys marveled at how hot the sex looked and then swapped spots so Jonah could feel Edison’s ass wrapped around his pole. Edison cried out in ecstasy and nursed Joel’s rod that had just been buried balls deep in his behind. Jonah railed him as Joel hugged him. This was the most spectacular male bonding I’d ever seen.

“Poke him with it,” Joel instructed Jonah. So fucking hot hearing him tell his younger bro how to hump their little bro. They traded places again so Joel could mount Edison and really drive his dick deep into his guts. But it wasn’t as deep as any of them truly wanted, so they moved to the bed to get extremely comfy and extremely close. SPUNK Lube in hand, the brothers kept their tanks and sexy socks on as they bareback boned on the bed. All at once. Yes, it was time to DP baby bro. Joel laid on his back, Edison sat on his shaft, and Jonah entered him from behind. Two big bro dicks inside Edison at the same time. Imagining what it must have felt like for Joel and Jonah, their stiff dicks sliding against each other’s and also feeling the warmth of Edison’s ass hugging their cocks tight together. The feeling for Edison of two giant hard dicks stuffed up his hole, fucking him gently but with massive intent. The connection the three of them must have felt in that moment. Out of this world.

Edison’s gaping ass took a little bro break after the intense DPing and Joel mounted middle bro Jonah in doggie to reminisce the days when it was just the two of them. The OG bro bond. Ever hot and only strengthened by the addition of little bro Edison. The genius older brother he is, Joel had the idea to stack his little brothers. Edison climbed on Jonah’s back and I witnessed firsthand the hottest position I’ve seen to date, for the first time in my 10 years filming porn.

Joel fucked Edison raw then moved his dick just inches down to fuck Jonah raw. Then back up. And back down. He poked his big, hard bareback bro boner into both his little brothers, making them both grunt and groan as he sexed them. So hot seeing Edison on Jonah’s back. Them taking turns relishing in the railing from Joel. Sharing their juices. Hugging each other tight. Fucking pounding it out.

Jonah was in love with huffing Edison’s lil bro pits. Musky and bushy. He got hot whiffs while hitting Edison’s hole, working up his bro load to breed that baby boy. Edison laid back, supported lovingly by big bro Joel, cradled in strong, caring arms, as Jonah fucked him fast and deep to bust his seed. He pulled out and shot some cum on Edison’s hairy hole then buried his schlong back inside to pump his guts full of bro load.

Joel was next to spill his sibling sperm. His little bros were ready at the tap for all that elder brother nut gushing from his piss slit. He came hard and they lapped it up and snowballed with each other, sharing his fresh, hot cum in their mouths. It was up their noses, all in their mustaches and beards. And they drank up every last drop. After all the brotherly excitement, Edison was ready to release his seed. He sat on Jonah’s lap while Joel hugged him from behind, grinding and flexing his prostate to a miraculous hands-free orgasm. He shot white hot jizz all over Jonah’s stomach and his own arm, then kissed his brothers as they congratulated him on a job well done. Thanks for the fucking incredible Anniversary Scene, fellas! Absolutely spectacular way to celebrate 10 years of NO FUSS. ALL FUCK.

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