Brad Danger

Brad Danger

Brad is an absolute sweetheart wrapped in a bad ass, skater boy package. At first glance, seeing tattoos and piercings galore, a great body and a long, super stiff dick, he seems like he'd have an attitude or be a cocky punk. But after talking to him, you realize he's innocent, shy, and incredibly sexy.


Brad's Solo

This solo shoot was a lot of fun for me, not only because Brad is one incredibly hot piece of man, but also because he reminded me a lot of my very first model, Brandon.

They have similar styles and mannerisms, but most alike are their bodies. They both have that skinny, skater boy look - a slight bit punk with tattoos and piercings, tight chests and crotches shaved hairless, and packing huge, stiff dicks and bountiful balls.

I'd love to see the two of them in a scene together, but until that day, I was more than happy watching Brad induct himself into the GuyBone hall of fame.

He and I had chatted about modeling for several months before he decided to take the leap into GuyBone's bed. Once he was there, he powered forward full throttle, as if porn was something he'd wanted to do his entire life. He was ready to give a good show, and that's exactly what he did.

He played with his pronounced nipples, tweaking the fuck out of them, no doubt turning himself on more and more with each touch. He undid his pants and revealed an erect dick buried inside his blue underwear. Blue, fitting, the color of his piercing eyes. His hand dipped into his trunks and made a fist around his growing rod. He stroked up and down, slowly, purposefully, aiding the growth of his groin. I loved seeing the head of his cock pushing against the blue fabric, daring to rip through the seams, then disappearing again inside his palm.

After sufficiently teasing the camera (and me), Brad unveiled his insanely stiff shaft. He worked it, played with it, smacked it on his stomach and thigh. I couldn't help noticing that every time he pulled down on his cock, hand tightly pressed against nut sack, his piss slit gaped open, as if to prepare to spit out the hot load of cum that Brad was no doubt churning inside those big balls.

I had no choice but to request a private piss slit show. I had Brad place his hard dick against his thigh and slowly rub the palm of his hand from shaft to head, milking his dick hole. Sure enough, every time his hand neared the head of his cock, the hole opened up and gave me a nice peak inside. I was hard as a rock.

Needless to say, by the time Brad was ready to cum, I was way ahead of him! I was so excited to see this guy pump that fucking stiff dick to milky conclusion. And he did exactly that, blasting a thick, hot load of jizz all over his chest and stomach, all the while moaning in sheer satisfaction, sounding as if he was emptying a two-month stockpile.

Brad definitely deserved the incredible induction he gave himself into the GuyBone hall of fame. He's hot, he's hung, and he knows how to turn on anyone who's watching.

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