Brandon Board

Brandon Board

Brandon is the only GuyBone guy who can say he is #1. He was the very first model I filmed, and what might have started out as a mere curiosity to see the naked male body through my camera lens, quickly turned into the website you now see. Guess that speaks volumes as to how hot I think Brandon is, and as to how horny I am to film the naked male body.



Chad definitely has the most unique dick I've ever seen. He said the curve of it, which I compare to Gonzo's nose, slides it perfectly down a guy's throat. He must be right, because I didn't hear any complaints from his costars.


Brandon Tops Chad

Having already been fucked by Chad, Brandon decided it was his turn to play top.

I granted his wish without hesitation.

The guys got right to it, stripping and sucking. Two raging erections, one ready hole. Chad couldn't wait to take his position as catcher, and as pitcher, Brandon readied his bat and balls and struck a home run into Chad's ass.

These two guys had an amazing amount of chemistry the first time I filmed them. This time, they turned the heat up a notch and went from sweet to sextastic!

Blowing pent up loads out of their hard cocks, Brandon and Chad reminded me why I enjoyed filming with them the first time: they put on a fucking hot show!

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