Brax Bailey

Brax Bailey

Strapping young lad Brax Bailey is quite the find. Beefy and broad in the best possible ways, Brax is a healthy, horny mix of baby-faced boy next door and brooding, tatted bad boy. He'll charm you with that coy smile, then ravish you in the sack.


Brax's Solo

New GuyBone guy Brax Bailey had been on my to-get list for some time. He'd been on the fence, but finally bit the porn bullet and scheduled his solo audition. Nervous as he could be, his masculine fingers fumbled with his shirt and jeans as he settled onto the window seat for some stroking fun. He's all dude. Strapping and beefy and barrel chested for days, Brax looks like the football player we all hoped would fuck us hard in the locker room one day after school. His solid frame isn't quite cub or bear, but also not jock. He falls somewhere very sexy in between. It works for him, and works for us watching.

He's tatted and just hairy enough in the right spots, namely his armpits. Fuck. This kid has some majorly bushy, manly pits. Face bury worthy. I made sure to have him show them off plenty once he got his shirt off. His nipples were big and begging to be sucked on. And as he wiggled out of his pants, I could see he had a naughty streak with his peekaboo underwear.

He rubbed his junk through his undies, massaging his balls and encouraging his dick to stiffen. He seemed to enjoy looking directly at the camera. A true exhibitionist. I promised him scenes are always easier to film with a hot costar present, but he seemed to be doing just fine on his own for the time being.

He ripped his skivvies off and continued touching himself. His eyes were a dark chocolate and I blushed every time he seemed to look through the lens at me. Definitely a healthy mix of baby-faced boy next door and tatted bad boy, Brax had a look that was uniquely him. And then his dick hardened and I lost all train of thought.

He laid back on the window seat and waved his steely cock at the camera. He had lubed up with SPUNK and that seemed to do just the trick. He stroked his stiff shaft and slapped it against the palm of his free hand. Sir Brax enjoyed showing off. No surprise. He grabbed a towel and his trusty lubricant and headed over to the bed for some more comfy masturbation.

His lips were parted as he grabbed his dick, clearly enjoying the sensation. He snapped his boner against his stomach and left a lube print. I loved watching him work his cock over. He was having fun now and couldn't hide it. He dumped more slippery lube on his hardon and worked it in slowly. Fuck, watching his low hanging nuts jiggle with the rhythm of his fist was overwhelmingly hot.

I could sneak just a peak of his hairy asshole, but knew there would be more of that to come in his first action scene. For now, I was more than content seeing him jerk his hard dick. And he was so good at beating his meat. He flexed his fucking hot toes on his big sexy feet, straightened his thick thighs and made me want to climb in between them for some sexy snuggles. But before I could realize that fantasy, he jumped to his feet and faced the giant mirror behind the bed.

He splattered his seed all over the glass and it dripped down to the frame and pillows below. So much thick, delicious-looking, white cum pumped from his cock onto the reflective surface. He knelt in front of his load and admired it, and perhaps himself, in the mirror. Perhaps a congratulatory glance for having successfully made it through his solo. He earned that look. It was a hot introduction to the site, one that makes me very excited for his next time on camera.

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