Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds

With a boy next door face like Marty McFly, I would love to see industry star Brian Bonds dressed in a vest and sneakers, nothing else, creating a porn parody of Back to the Future (Fuckture?). Alas, GuyBone doesn't make story porn, and the rest of Brian is more man next door than boy.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Parker Allen is an up and cumming industry boy, cute as fuck and even furrier! He's so unbelievably sexy and I swear, his pics don't do justice to the in person version. He's incredibly charming, easy to work with, and has a smile that'll melt you as fast as those deep ocean eyes of his do.


Brian and Parker Flip Raw

We join this broadcast already in progress. That's what you get when you put two pros together on set, non-stop action from the onset. Brian Bonds needs no introduction. He's an outright porn star. And we're blessed to have him on board! Joining him is the ever hot, on the rise Parker Allen, who had been directed by Brian before but never costarred with. Until now. Lucky us to get to view it first!

Before I could even get my camera on, Parker was swallowing Brian's fully stiff sword. They swapped spots so Brian could suck Parker to the same stiffness he was at while Parker tasted his former director's delicious hole. They were both rock hard in moments, slobbered up and horny for a hardcore pounding. Brian grabbed the SPUNK and sat on Parker's boner, taking it fully inside him. His dick was suddenly even harder, as was mine watching them begin to bareback fuck. Parker thrust up into his costar's hairy hole, giving Brian a wonderful workplace ride. I was beside myself seeing his big, thick dick bouncing around as he bounced on Parker's boner.

Brian hopped off and flipped Parker's legs sky high. He drove his dick deep into his ass and they both bellowed in pleasure. Manly, deep grunts and groans. These were two insanely sexy guys fucking raw and hard right in front of me. Sometimes I forget how much I love my job and how lucky I am. They fucked furiously in a hot seated position, Parker working just as hard as Brian to get the best sex out of each other. Brian laid back and let Parker engulf his cock with that hungry hole. Then he drilled him deep again, this time Parker's prick bouncing to and fro like some sort of haywire meter.

The flip fucking had officially begun. Brian was back on bottom, taking Parker's steely rod completely up his ass in doggy. Parker plowed him so hard his butt cheeks rippled and shook. They were entirely in tune and when they locked arms and basically became one sex machine, I about fainted. The sweat began to pour off their bodies in our tiny, warm room. It became a sauna. A very sexy sauna.

They took a blowjob break and Brian deep throated Parker's raging erection as he stroked his own throbbing cock. He fingered Parker's slightly used hole with the hopes of using it even more. And he would, believe you, me! He rimmed him again, spitting and nibbling all over his ass. Face buried cheeks deep in butt cheeks, Brian ate out Parker like the pro he is. How hot it must have been for both of them, having worked together prior but never fucking each other, all that pent up sexual tension, now getting to explode in front of my camera. Fucking woof! Brian climbed on top of Parker and got what he wanted, another go at topping his handsome costar. He fucked harder than ever here, absolutely dominating Parker. And they both fucking loved it.

Before I realized, they'd flipped again and Parker was railing Brian in my favorite spooning position. He “beat that hole up” according to Brian and I was enjoying every thrust as much as they were. Their hairy bodies, their big dicks, their tight asses and bearded faces were all so fucking perfect. So. Fucking. Perfect.

They were standing on the bed then, Parker bent over in doggy against the brick wall. Brian destroyed his sweet hole with his enormous dick. Both their ballsacks were drawn tight, no doubt ready to blow. But they weren't giving in to orgasms just yet. The fucking felt too good to quit. Brian slid his cock in and out slowly, then tasted Parker's wet hole, then put his dick back in again and complimented him on his frothy ass, hoping he was the second to screw Parker that day. The idea of it, planting his seed on top of some other guy's already inside Parker's hole, was enough to send him over the edge. He bred Parker, deep and juicy. He pulled out to show off a wee bit of his cum, then continued fucking his content costar. Brian's sex cries were phenomenal, and the more sensitive his post orgasm cock became, the harder he slapped his nuts against Parker's ass to work it out.

All that was left was Parker's cumshot. And Brian and I wanted to see it as badly as Parker wanted to blow it. He got on his back in missionary and had the still hard Mr Bonds bone him one final time, fucking that big load from his balls. He jerked his cock as Brian hammered his hole, shooting a nice, creamy, white load of salty sprinkles all over his stomach. Brian bent over and cleaned his cock with a very hungry mouth, then tasted the pearl droplets on his furry torso. They concluded the superb scene with a cummy kiss that left me longing for more action from the two of them as long as the trail of cum between their lips.

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