Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds

With a boy next door face like Marty McFly, I would love to see industry star Brian Bonds dressed in a vest and sneakers, nothing else, creating a porn parody of Back to the Future (Fuckture?). Alas, GuyBone doesn't make story porn, and the rest of Brian is more man next door than boy.

Colton Rivers

Colton Rivers

So sweet, so sexy, Colton Rivers may seem shy at first, but he's just saving his electricity for the bedroom. Fantastically versatile, equipped with a meaty, cut cock, a sculpted body and a tight, hairy hole, he's the total package. His adorable smile lights up the room and your dick at the same time.


Brian Tops Colton Raw

Tub time couldn't get any sexier! New GuyBone Guy and utterly adorable otter, Colton Rivers, sudsed up with gorgeous, buff Brian Bonds for a scintillating soak! Rub a dub dub, boys! They sat opposite in the large bubble bath, knees bent, hands roaming under the foam. Colton got his hands on Brian's third leg and began massaging it as they made out. Warm water and bubbles ran down their toned bodies and wooden cocks as they stood up to sword fight. One raging erection pressed against the other, throbbing, slippery with sweet smelling soap.

Brian took both boners in his palm and stroked them side by side. Seeing their stiff dicks stacked together had me hard in seconds. He splashed some water on his cock, rinsing off the suds so Colton could blow him. That was all the invitation the young, eager buck needed. He knelt and devoured Brian's big dick balls deep. What a cocksucking pro! Brian spit into Colton's mouth and I nearly fainted with excitement! As Colton worked over Brian's hung cock, Brian fingered the boy's tight ass. He turned him around and rimmed him, making sure that hairy hole was sufficiently spit-filled for the fucking.

Brian's hardon was growing harder by the minute as he munched on Colton's butt. He was ready to screw bareback, and Colton was practically begging for it, so Brian slid his shaft inside that hot bottom. Holy fuck, did it fit perfectly! When Colton leaned his back against Brian's bulging chest to kiss him, I could see his own dick stood massively stiff, one million percent turned on by his top. How could he not be totally horned up with Brian Bonds' boner buried deep in his butt?

Brian fucked raw then pulled out then pushed back in. I could imagine my own pulsing cock inside Colton, his tight ass wrapped around my pole. Fuck, I throbbed as violently as Brian did. He thrust mightily into Colton's hole, Colton resting against the tub wall, pulling his cheeks apart so we all could get the maximum view. Brian's giant meat hammer was veiny and like stone. It must have felt magnificent bashing against Colton's prostate. Fuck and rim was on repeat and I smiled huge every time Brian recycled the move. He was loving eating that ass as much as he was enjoying tapping it.

Their standing doggie style was making me salivate, but before I knew it, Brian had taken a seat on the edge of the tub and Colton had taken a seat on Brian's lap. He was riding his big bro's big dick and the view was out of this world. Sexy banter began and I loved the audio as much as the video. Brian kicked back and let Colton ride his cock raw. That hairy hole looked divine sliding up and down Brian's big pole. Their bodies were so in sync.

Colton put his sexy foot up on Brian's thigh to better show off his reverse cowboy. Brian held him tight as he bounced up and down on that fuck stick. Both sets of nuts were big and unmoving while they bareback boned. When Colton spun around to face Brian and fuck, the sparks really flew. They fucked harder, they kissed deeper, and Colton's steel hardon rubbed against Brian's chest as sexily as Brian's big boner rubbed against the inside of Colton's hole.

SPUNK Lube, spit and sex started to drip from Colton's bareback back door as Brian railed him in missionary on the bathroom sink. Mirrors are a model's best friend, getting to check themselves out in addition to seeing their sexy costars while screwing. With two studs like Brian and Colton, everyone wanted to be looking at every angle of everybody. Back to his old fuck and rim tricks, Brian kept that hole nice and wet. He turned Colton around and did him up against the counter, Colton grabbing the faucet to brace himself for the bareback impact. Goddamn, Brian was hung! And greedy Colton took every last inch of that beast up his ass, gleefully!

That ass slapping sound and sensation had them both moaning in sweet satisfaction. Brian stabbed Colton's hole with his cock then kissed it better with some slobbery anilingus. He barebacked him hard against the sink until they were both ready for a breeding. Brian pulled out just long enough to share a couple pearls of jizzdom before plugging Colton's hole and filling him full of cream. As he continued fucking his nut deep inside, Colton rubbed out a huge, spraying load of sperm across the tiled floor. He painted the room with his boy batter then collapsed back into Brian's strong, secure arms. Brian cleaned his cock, tasting the remains of Colton's cum. Then they cuddled and climbed back into the tub, proving if you want to get clean then dirty then clean again, they're the best two bareback bathtubbers for the job!

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