Chad definitely has the most unique dick I've ever seen. He said the curve of it, which I compare to Gonzo's nose, slides it perfectly down a guy's throat. He must be right, because I didn't hear any complaints from his costars.


Chad's Solo

One of the most fun cocks I've filmed was Chad's. The curve to it is amazing, and he said guys have a very easy time blowing him because it slides right down their throats.

Chad was super relaxed in front of the camera, cracking jokes, telling stories, and promising that he would never watch his own scenes once published because he'd be too embarrassed to see himself on screen.

With a body like Chad's, and a hot, unique cock, he's got absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. He's fucking adorable.

Chad gave quite the scintillating show, rubbing his dick along his stomach, edging for all it was worth. I could tell he was totally turned on by the camera.

In the end, he milked out a scorching load of cum that looked like frosting on my favorite cupcake. Yum.

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