Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Zeus Harden

Zeus Harden

Perhaps the god of thunder cock? Zeus is a sexy young Latino with a curved uncut cock as handsome as his boy next door face. The beard makes him look more mature, but trust me, it's a hot baby face under there.


Charles and Zeus Flip Raw

It’s been five long years since Charles and Zeus were last together. And an even longer six since they were first together. This star-crossed pair is one of my all-time GuyBone favorites. Their chemistry is otherworldly. And despite my best efforts to play matchmaker, they remain great friends and occasional costars. So when I had this opportunity to bring them together on camera for a third time, for their first flip fuck with each other no less, I knew I couldn’t pass it up and that it would make THE perfect Anniversary Scene to celebrate GuyBone turning 11 years!

Starting exactly where I’d expect these romantic boys to, they nuzzled up naked on the bed, smooching smolderingly and ready for some raw fun. Charles asked Zeus if he wanted to suck his dick. The answer was an obvious yes and they rolled over so Zeus could take that thick cock between his bearded lips. Their bodies furry and tatted, olive skinned and sexy as hell, Zeus and Charles just fit together perfectly.

Zeus sucked Charles hard, hoovering his rod down his throat and wetting it sufficiently. Charles was steel in seconds, feeling Zeus’ welcoming mouth on his manhood. Zeus gobbled his girthy shaft to the sack, worshipping and lovingly servicing his stiff prick.

Zeus’ juicy lips and talented tongue adored Charles’ rock hard cock. He poured some SPUNK Lube on it to get it nice and slippery for the screwing. He was first up to sit on it, taking it balls deep up his beautifully hairy, bareback butt. He bounced on it, loosening his hole for Charles to own. I was in heaven seeing these two back together again. Their banter and jokes during sex are the best, they are just so damn natural and at ease with each other. And when they speak Spanish back and forth… FUUUCK! Muy caliente!

Zeus slid into doggy style on the edge of the bed and backed up onto Charles’ raging erection. They were locked together in seconds, Charles slamming his stiff dick into Zeus’ tight, but eager ass. He grabbed his shoulders and pumped his fat cock into him as hard and as fast as he could. Zeus’ cheeks rippled with the railing, proving these two truly knew how to make waves. Charles hugged his hips and fucked him fully, giving Zeus goosebumps all over his body. He peeled his socks off and revealed sexy feet that could wrap around his legs as he thrust. Zeus gripped the bed sheets as the ass-slapping sex continued, driving him to ecstasy.

Zeus wanted it on his back and Charles was more than happy to oblige. He lifted his legs and entered his ass. Then to change it up, he did Zeus from the side, just one leg up and boy, was the view spectacular! Loved seeing Zeus stroke his own boner as Charles fucked him deep with his. Both sets of balls drawn tight, turned on, full of nut churning for the climax. He lifted both of Zeus’ legs again, filling the boy with big, hard dick. Zeus was loving every inch as Charles dicked him down.

It was time to flip and they were both more than ready to experience the other side of the coin. Zeus slid his hard dick inside Charles’ warm, wet hole and began thrusting in missionary. Had to get that hole opened for some hardcore fucking. That came next in doggy. Fuck, they looked equally sexy in either position. Zeus slammed his dick into Charles, his gorgeous balls thumping against that hairy hole like the beat of a drum. These two made beautiful, horny music together.

By this point, Zeus wasn’t going to last long, his prostate having already been worked over by Charles on top. They both jerked their dicks to climax, Zeus on his back, Charles standing over him. Zeus came hard and shot a hot load across his furry tummy. Charles followed quickly with his own thick, creamy seed spilling onto Zeus’ already cum-covered stomach. One cum dump on top of the other. Two loads CUMingling on Zeus’ happy trail. They spoke Spanish to each other again and leaned in for one helluva romantic last kiss. Fuck, fellas, you sure know how to have a happy reunion, prove the third time's the charm, and give GuyBone yet another memorable Anniversary Scene! Gracias, señors!

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