Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Chris Burke

Chris Burke

Covered with sexy dark peach fuzz, Chris Burke is a strawberry blonde sexpot who's taking the industry by storm. We're lucky enough to get him early in his career (and hopefully keep him) for some incredibly steamy scenes. He's got a million watt grin, dazzling eyes, a delicious looking curved cock and an out of this world ass you could spend days eating and fucking.


Charles Tops Chris Raw

No better way to welcome Chris Burke to the GuyBone family than by having Charles Grey fuck him bareback. They started with some hot banter while they worked their way out of their jeans. Charles gave Chris a nice reach around while he admired his smooth ass. He was seated and sucking Chris' lovely cock before you could say boner and then the ball got rolling. Really quickly.

After swallowing his rock hard, curved cock, Charles moved Chris to the bed and spread his strawberry blonde fuzzy butt cheeks to taste that tight, pink hole. Chris' face lit up as Charles buried his scruffy mug in that nice ass. Then Chris turned around and gobbled up Charles' thick cock. With every slurp, Charles' dick grew more erect and throbbed with the hunger to fuck Chris' hole.

First, they had to enjoy some 69ing. They got cozy on the window seat and started sucking. Chris' veiny pink cock slid effortlessly down Charles' wet throat and Charles jokingly apologized for having such a big dick for Chris to choke down. Chris wasn't complaining, though. He was taking and loving every inch of Charles' swollen hardon. The men pleasured each other orally, taking brief breaks to stroke the cock before them. Teasing heads, tasting shafts, licking balls. These two were worshipping each others boners and I fucking loved watching it.

Chris bent over in doggie and Charles lubed his fat fucking cock with SPUNK Lube. He eased it into Chris' tight ass and let his bottom back up onto that big boner. The moans came immediately. Chris didn't hold back. He accepted the full length of his top and opened up for a good fucking. Charles took the invitation and didn't need to let it sit there for long before beginning to thrust back and forth. He began swiftly pounding Chris' ass, grabbing his hips and back for balance. Both guys were absolutely perfect in their positions, giving each other the best they had performance wise.

Chris was ready to ride, so he sort of half knelt over Charles' tall cock, sitting on it to the base. I loved watching that sexy near red head stroke his stiff dick while he rocked up and down on Charles' beast of a boner. They picked up speed and also broke a sweat. The room grew humid and I couldn't breathe the smell of their sex in fast enough. You'd think Chris' carnation pink road rash from a bike accident would be distracting, but it just turned me on more. Knowing he was scarred up from a masculine tumble onto the road just made him all that much hotter to me. And to Charles, who couldn't wait to fuck him up against the mirrored cabinet.

They stood in front of the mirror, fucking fast and furiously, looking at each others sexy bodies in the reflection. Charles sat back on the edge of the bed and let Chris scoot up and down on his dick. The jiggle in Chris' ass was so fucking hot, as was the bounce in his pecs. These two and their fantastic bodies. I couldn't take my eyes off them. Chris jerked himself off while he rode that giant rod. When he was ready to bust, he stood up, turned around, and shot ribbons of his own hot cum all over Charles' dick. This might be the hottest moment in GuyBone history. Certainly a first for us and a very hot one at that. Charles rubbed it all over his cock and Chris sat back on it. Who needs SPUNK when you can use your own spunk? Chris rode it once more, slow and steady, letting Charles build his own explosion. Charles jumped up, jerked off his load onto Chris' bearded face. He smeared it into his chin fuzz and then helped him to his feet, kissed him, and called it a day. Perfection, these two. Absolute perfection.

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