Chip Young

Chip Young

Chip is a sexy muscle cub with an insatiable kinky streak. At first glance, he's the cuddly boy next door. Then he takes off his clothes to reveal a fucking hot, beefy body covered in tats and piercings and fur.

Topher Michels

Topher Michels

Tall Topher is one sexy, hairy hunk. And the manners on this one! Such a gentleman!


Chip and Topher Flip Raw

Grr! Hairy, hearty guys making out hard leading up to an outrageously hot bareback flip fuck? Yes, please! Topher and Chip got acquainted orally on the bed. Their tongues became best friends quickly and their hands roamed all sorts of places. Chip's pants came off and his thick legs and stiff dick were intoxicating to look at. Same went for Topher's chest when he pulled off his muscle shirt and gave it to Chip to sniff.

Boners were revealed and boys started doing what they do best, playing with them. Chip got on top of Topher and nibbled his nipple. He pulled his own shirt off and showed his costar that sexy, muscle cub torso. His tats and pup chain and furry pecs were bewildering and when he pushed out his bubble butt to show me his hole, perfectly peek-a-booing from his jockstrap, I got sex goosebumps.

He worked his way down Topher's long, lean body, stopping at his raging cock. He gulped it down and made Topher moan. The curve of his cock slid to the back of Chip's throat effortlessly. Long strands of spit ran from Topher's cock head to Chip's lips. He drooled on Topher's dong and wet it to perfection. He lapped at his big, loose nuts and sucked them into his mouth. Then deep throated his shaft again. Chip was giving his best head as evident from the pleased reactions by Topher.

Chip rolled Topher's legs toward the ceiling and tongue fucked his tight hole. He spread his cheeks and showed off the pucker to the camera. He buried his scruffy face in Topher's ass crack and I thought Topher would nearly lose it.

He didn't, but he did help Chip lose his jockstrap the rest of the way. Then he laid on his stomach and serviced Chip's raging cock at the edge of the bed. Chip complimented his sucking skills with plenty of “good boys” and head rubs. Topher buried his bone as deep as his throat would go then sucked his balls, too. Chip helped him roll onto his back so he could face fuck him. Chip's super stiff dick was just as sexy as his ready to be eaten hole.

They traded places and Topher dove in face first, driving Chip wild with his tongue in his asshole. I love Chip's juicy butt cheeks and clearly Topher did as well. He squeezed and massaged them as he devoured that back door. He slid his thumb in to help ready the hole, then he spit some more and entered two fingers. He nursed his own cock while he teased Chip's. They were both beyond ready to begin fucking so Topher got them started.

He inched his thick dick inside Chip's man cave and began exploring. He bent over him so they could kiss as he railed his back door. Their hairy legs intertwined and Topher's balls slapped against Chip's taint as they screwed. When Topher was done pounding in that position, he climbed off and tasted Chip's ass again. Woof!

Next, Chip wanted to ride Topher, and I was very on board to watch. He sat on that big dick and bounced up and down. His balls were so bountiful, his dick so hard and leaking precum. He dabbed out a bit and ate it. So hot. His moans were incredible. And Topher's cock looked magnificent disappearing into his dark nether region. Topher gave Chip a reach around while they fucked raw. God, they were both so insanely erect. I was in heaven seeing this show up close!

The time to flip had come and Topher's toes curled in anticipation as Chip devoured his ass in preparation. His talented tongue slid from hole to balls to dick and back. He spanked and sucked and bit and ate. Then he lubed his hardon with SPUNK and entered Topher completely. He began slamming him hardcore. Topher had to grip the bedsheets to keep composed. Chip annihilated Topher's hole and they both loved every second of it. For a moment, I thought Chip was done, but no, it was a brief break to tease and let Topher relax. Then he was all animal again, fucking like it was the only thing he knew how to do. He blew him again between positions and tapped his balls intermittedly. Pain and pleasure was exactly what the doctor had prescribed for Topher and Chip was more than happy to administer.

Chip fucked Topher in missionary now. Their bodies worked together in harmony toward mutual orgasms. Chip screwed hard and Topher stroked his cock with equal might. Then their efforts paid off as Chip bust deep inside his costar. He bred Topher's ass and kept on thrusting, ensuring his seed was buried deep. They grunted and grimaced together, then Chip pulled out and showed off the gape he was responsible for. He fingered a bit of his cum from Topher's hole, ate it, tongued out some more, then sucked his dick again. What a fucking pig. Love it!

He went back to pounding away on Topher's ass to get him to cum. He did, boy, he fucked the cum right out of his cock! It poured out of his piss slit and ran down the side of his hip. Chip pulled out and went down on Topher a final time, tasting all that white hot mess, then he snowballed with Topher until they collapsed in ecstasy. All in all, they ended up with an astounding extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

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