Coach Bator

Coach Bator

A self-proclaimed 'trashy motel fuckwadd', I've never met anyone quite as excited to be in porn as Coach Bator. Like, the seedier the porn, the better, too. He wants it dirty, depraved, and deliciously degenerate.

Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.


Coach and Jay Flip Raw

Coach was born ready to make his GuyBone debut. And who better to make it with than sexy pup Jay. They immediately had a Dad/Son vibe that couldn’t be shook, so we ran with it. All the way to the seediest motel we could find. There, we made some gritty porn ripe for your masturbation fantasies. Coach came complete with a classic jockstrap, already tented and begging to be touched. Jay had some sexy red gym shorts on, covering his fantastically furry crotch. They playfully nudged and rubbed one another, getting each other hard and horny. If the room was dirty, they were about to make it much dirtier.

Jay pulled Coach’s throbbing cock out of his jock and gave it a jerk. Coach returned the favor by stripping the otter from his boxer briefs, taking a big whiff of them, and then gulping down his good boy’s bone. He lapped at Jay’s growing dong, firming it between his lips. It was wet and wild and oh, so hairy. Coach’s raspy voice calling Jay a good boy was instant boner fuel for me. And Jay. Both rock solid in a hurry, the two men got completely naked, save for those sexy snapbacks, and slobbed each other’s knobs.

Jay on his knees swallowing Coach’s cock while Coach clung to the ceiling for support was an epic view. Jay worshipped his rod and his balls and his taint. He serviced it like a pro, but playfully adored it like a first-timer. Then he was on his tummy for some hot rimming. Dad bent his boy over and spread his hairy cheeks, revealing a tight hole ready for the tasting. He moaned and licked, driving his tongue deep inside his son. His dick ached against his leg as he jerked his kid’s hairy hard-on and ate his ass. Jay groaned in delight and pushed his perfect peach back into dad’s face. He wiggled his beautiful butt like the good boy he is and offered it up to Coach, making a deal they would flip fuck.

Lubing up with plenty of SPUNK, Coach slid his dad dick inside his son slow and gentle to start. He wanted it to feel as good for Jay as it no doubt did for him. Jay’s bare feet and Coach’s socked feet side by side as they settled into butt sex was gorgeous. Fuck. They were so perfect for each other. Jay relaxed his tight hole and let Coach in. Dad reassured his good boy and Jay's own stiff dick said he felt just fine. Coach started humping, slapping his body against Jay’s, sexing him expertly. Like only a good dad can.

Dad/Son bonding at its best, Coach flipped Jay on his back, tossed his legs on his shoulders, and entered him completely. He did a nice push up fuck into his ass, his bareback boner sliding effortlessly in and out of Jay’s accommodating ass. He pounded him hard, really giving it to the boy. Then it was time for Jay to take his turn as top, putting into practice what he’d learned from dad. He buried his face in Coach’s hole and devoured daddy’s ass like a good little pig. He lubed him up and worked his rock hard shaft into that raw hole and rammed away. This kid was horny and there was no waiting period to his pounding. He went to town on Coach’s ass, bareback plowing him with his hairy prick. He fucked his dad hard, furry balls deep, annihilating that ass. He had to slow down for a minute to compose himself and not cum too quick, dad’s ass felt that fucking incredible on his cock. Their dirty talk was dirtier than the dive room they fucked in. Fucking perfection.

Jay got Coach over the edge of the bed and railed his hole as I watched from underneath. What a view. Jay’s hairy nuts beating Coach’s butt as he screwed him was music to my ears. His big, solid bone banged into his dad’s hole divinely. These two were on fire. Before I knew it, they’d flipped again, Coach back on top and buried deep inside Jay’s ass. He fucked him so hard the bed squeaked like it would fall apart. Dad gave it to his son like they both wanted. What heaven they were to watch. Then like lightening, they flipped a final time and son wanted to shoot his seed inside dad’s hole. He fucked him fast and felt the build up pressure to plaster his cum, pulling out just long enough to show us his son sperm, then put his dick back inside to breed dad. He fucked dad’s sloppy, cum-filled hole fast and furious, driving dad over the edge. He sprayed his seed all over his stomach, reveling in the sex he’d had with his son. They continued to screw, their spent bodies still connected through lust and cum, then kissed to close the chapter on this curious son and devious dad at the trashy motel story.

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