Colton Rivers

Colton Rivers

So sweet, so sexy, Colton Rivers may seem shy at first, but he's just saving his electricity for the bedroom. Fantastically versatile, equipped with a meaty, cut cock, a sculpted body and a tight, hairy hole, he's the total package. His adorable smile lights up the room and your dick at the same time.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Parker Allen is cute as fuck and even furrier! He's unbelievably sexy and his pics don't do justice to the in-person version. He's incredibly charming and has a smile that'll melt you fast.


Colton and Parker Flip Raw

On the couch, locked in an otter embrace, Colton and Parker kissed passionately as they ground their bodies together. Their scruffy beards nearly sparked fire as one rubbed against the other. Parker pulled down Colton's underwear and plopped his fat, hard cock in his mouth. He gulped the steel shaft down then removed his own clothes to give Colton the opportunity to return the favor. They pressed their stiff pricks together, tight against their stomachs, as they kissed again. Colton dropped to his knees and took Parker's lengthy rod between his lips. He serviced him outstandingly, Parker's veiny hardon disappearing repeatedly down Colton's tender throat. They were already having so much hot fun, we all knew they'd end up with an extended scene. Sure enough, they got an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Parker led Colton to the bed and buried his face in his hairy hole. His dick throbbed between Colton's bare feet as his tongue ran laps around the otter's anus. They swapped positions so Colton could blow Parker's big boned dick again. Their furry, inked bodies were everything for me and they gave off a super sexy brother vibe. Suddenly in a smoldering 69, Colton face fucked Parker with his own impressive erection while he deep throated his costar at the other end. With Colton's big balls in his face, Parker sucked his shaft and ate his ass, completely arousing both young men.

Colton couldn't wait to bottom for Parker. Can ya blame him? He teased Parker's primed prick with his delicious derrière then sat on it, taking its full length inside his warm, wet hole. Their bodies fit together perfectly and as they kissed and fucked, I nearly forgot I was filming, rather just enjoying the hot show in front of me.

Colton was a master screwer, his ass working Parker's pole like a pro. Parker laid back and let the young stud ride him well. Then he bent his knees and took control, ramming his rod into Colton's hole, pounding the pleasure into his pucker. He tasted Colton's pre cum and then they shared the sweetness in a kiss. Their bodies became one and Parker and I were both in heaven seeing Cotlon's big boner bouncing around as he bucked on Parker's bronco.

Still riding Parker, Colton slammed his ass down on his shaft, balls deep, making both of them quiver. That big dick was filling up his guts and they both fucking loved it. Parker flipped Colton onto his back and pinned him to the mattress with his stiff dick. Now he was in the driver's seat and he used Colton's hole as requested. They kissed, they snarled and growled and grunted and moaned. This was bareback sex at its very best. Parker's raw rod desecrated Colton's sacred hole and then they flipped back to their first position so Parker could watch Colton take his dick triumphantly.

My favorite position was Parker doing push-ups on top of Colton, thrusting his cock into his ass. He fucked him from behind and kissed him the same, then they took a break for some more scintillating oral sex. Colton sucked Parker's still stiff dick and rimmed his hairy, juicy hole to ready him for the flip fuck. It was Colton's turn to top and his hard penis was raring to go. He ate his ass perfectly, humping the bed as he did, feeling the cool sheets on the head of his swollen, hot cock. Then he put his penis inside Parker's perfect ass and let it fill him to the brim.

It's always a testament to the guys' abilities when they can flip fuck with ease. Both totally versatile, they shined in both roles. Colton lubed his cock with SPUNK and slid it back inside Parker's perfect pucker. They fucked hard and deep, their bodies banging in ways they both needed desperately. Colton grabbed Parker's feet for balance, then realizing he was holding a sexy foot, kissed and licked and sniffed Parker's toes and sole. A tasty treat for all of us foot fetishists.

Colton pounded Parker out so perfectly he was ready to cum after a few minutes of bottoming. That's just how fantastic Colton's cock felt inside him. He shot his load across his furry belly and Colton licked it up and shared it with him in a cummy kiss. With jizz still dripping from his piss slit in a long strand, Parker scooped it up and swallowed it, then invited Colton over for his cumshot. He sucked his dick once more, tasting his ass on the shaft, making Colton hard as rock all over again. He tongued his nuts and kissed his cock, then his mouth, and touched his costar all over. Both boys were equally hard now, Parker never having lost his boner. They pressed their bodies together and Colton jerked his dick to completion. Parker held him tight and they kissed madly as Colton exploded across his toned abs and happy trail. His dick shot out a rocket of boy batter, painting Parker's face, neck, arms, and both their chests. It was a celebration of sex and these two had every reason to rejoice victorious.

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