Talk about a steaming piece of twink meat! Aidee is smart, sweet, and incredibly sexy! That big smile flashes pearly whites that melt your heart.

Cord Younglove

Cord Younglove

God help me, I keep finding these gorgeous, masculine bicurious guys that make your heart melt and your loins stir. Cord is no exception. Those eyes.


Cord Tops Aidee Raw

Aidee and Cord have an undeniable chemistry. That's probably why they make an adorable off camera couple. This scene introduced them and the sparks wouldn't stop flying. Bi guy Cord needed a confident twink bottom like Aidee to satisfy his curious urges. He got exactly what he wanted. Hell, they both did. Always makes me happy to see boys getting along (and off) so well.

We filmed at our favorite seedy hot tub joint, what would be the last scene there. They've since been closed and demolished. So sad. They'll live forever on GuyBone, though. And what a fitting way to send them out, with this ridiculously hot scene.

The guys started off wet and wild in the hot tub, making out and sucking dick. Cord's giant uncut cock was fully stiff and begging for some oral attention. Aidee, the blowjob pro he is, was more than happy to service his nearly straight costar. Cord rimmed Aidee's delicious, hairless hole on the edge of the tub and was intoxicating to watch, to say the least. His uber masculine mug, complete with dark goatee, nibbled and teased the twink's back door, making him whimper softly.

Aidee gulped down Cord's behemoth cock again and made sure it was plenty wet for the entry. They got into a great position on the planks outside the tub and Cord nudged his dick inside Aidee's ass. It was slip 'n slide fun from there as he began pumping his rod faster and harder into his costar's hungry hole.

I love watching Cord top. His big dick looks so amazing doing its job. And he's so fucking hot, one helluva good looking guy. He knows what he's doing in the bedroom… or in this case, the spa. He took Aidee over to the shower and bent him into doggie style. He rammed his ass hard from behind, both of them still dripping hot tub beads down their tight bodies. Cord's heavy bull nuts, full of cum, swung hard, clapping against Aidee's taint as they screwed bareback.

They'd lubed up with SPUNK to ensure the raw fuck was a smooth one. They talked dirty to each other, encouraging hotter and harder fucking. Aidee wanted to ride that big boner, so Cord laid on his back on the planks and the young twink took a firm seat. Aidee was in charge now, showing off his power bottom skills. He rocked back and forth on Cord's cock, shimmying in a way that was obviously driving his top wild.

Cord's wet, brunette pubes plastered against his shaft and balls as they fucked. All man. All hot. They entered the sauna and after another taste of Cord's raging hardon, Aidee assumed doggie again and willingly gave his ass up. They were both dripping with sweat now, literally melting from the dry heat in the room and the hot sex they were having. Cord drilled into Aidee's asshole as deep as he pleased, spanking his juicy bubble butt as he humped. They were so in sync, I should have sensed an off camera romance from the start.

I climbed underneath them for a spectacular shot of Cord working out a hot load. He fucked Aidee hard until he was ready to bust. He pulled his bare cock out and told Aidee to turn around. He stroked madly until his dick exploded. Hot, white cum poured from his uncut dick, flowing over Aidee's lips and tongue, down his cheek, and onto the bench. Aidee cleaned his cock and they both took insanely deep breaths. Fuck, it was so hot in that room, in every sense of the word.

Too hot, perhaps, as poor Aidee got overheated and couldn't reach climax. I'm the same way, if I get too hot, temperature wise, my dick turns off. Cord was adorably romantic and supportive in their final shot, nuzzling and nibbling on Aidee's ear, hugging his head tightly to his chest, seemingly saying "you may not get a cumshot from this scene, but you've got me."

And they've been going strong ever since. So, I think we'd all agree, it was still a very successful scene.

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