Cord Younglove

Cord Younglove

God help me, I keep finding these gorgeous, masculine bicurious guys that make your heart melt and your loins stir. Cord is no exception. Those eyes.

Jared Griffin

Jared Griffin

Jared and I had been trying to get together to film for some time, and finally I was able to make it happen. Thank goodness, because this pocket-sized otter is a keeper! Hairy, hung (fuck, is that a long cock), and horny beyond belief, Jared is versatile and loves giving as much as receiving (check out that delicious ass).


Cord Tops Jared Raw

Hairy, hard and ready for raw action, Cord and Jared cozied up on the futon. Their tongues found their ways into each other's mouths and their clothes fell off accordingly. Jared climbed onto Cord's lap and they exchanged some sexy nipple play, tweaking and touching and sucking and kissing. Cord felt the swelled up schlong inside Jared's jockstrap, then stripped him down and started sucking. It was a mouthful, hitting the back of Cord's throat.

Jared knelt and released Cord's behemoth cock from his briefs. Cord's eyes rolled back in his head as Jared began giving him head. Stellar head by the looks of it. He gagged on purpose, choosing to choke on that fat, uncut cock. Cord smacked it against his mouth and fed it to him. These two were all sorts of sexy together and the fun was just getting started.

Jared worshipped Cord's foreskin and played with his bountiful balls. Spit trails drizzled from his tongue to Cord's tip, then they sucked face some more, then Jared dove back down on that big dong. Cord's a sucker for a good sucker, but knows how to return the favor. Jared squatted in front of his face on the futon and Cord gulped down his long shaft with sweet sucking sounds and fist twisting motion. Jared face fucked him and I realized I was stiff as stone seeing the two of them, hairy and masculine, swapping blowjobs.

Suddenly the SPUNK Lube was in hand, and all over Cord's cock, and Jared was sitting on it bareback. What a big, chunky dick to take into his tight ass. But he succeeded, and when Cord was fully inside him, Jared lubed his own steel rod and went to work jerking and bouncing. His butt looked so beautiful riding Cord's hefty shaft. And when Cord picked him up for a second, I was in bliss. Jared's boner pushed against Cord's toned chest as they fucked and clung to one another.

Bare feet, big dicks and low hanging balls abound, Cord and Jared continued to screw condom free. Their bushy pits and brunette pubes were driving me wild with desire. Facial hair and sexy mugs made me almost cream myself as they fucked steadily. Jared was still riding Cord, must have been the best seat in the house. He slapped his shaft against Cord's tummy and then moved over to the chair for some doggie style.

Cord entered him from behind, railing him with his big, horny ramrod. Their bodies looked incredible, working in tandem. That huge boner filled up that accommodating hole so perfectly. They gave the camera a wonderful shot when Jared put a leg up on the chair and showed off all that sexy penetration. Cord hammered his hole relentlessly and Jared ate up every inch of his manhood. Jared rolled over and lowered his back to the chair as Cord filled him up in missionary. Loved the overhead shot of them screwing, the chair legs banging on the floor, Jared's cock dripping precum on Cord's fuzzy naval.

Cord was first to cum. He fucked until he was ready to blow, then he pulled out and painted Jared's face and furry chest with his seed. He shoved his shooting cock back inside to finish breeding his bareback bottom and then Jared joined him in orgasm, nutting a nice, thick load that he shook around to get Cord's chest a bit messy too. Payback is fun when it's covered in cum. The guys shared a good laugh and it was a bittersweet moment as I learned soon after that this had been Cord's retirement scene. He had one helluva hot run and we enjoyed every minute with him. Our only regret, never getting to see him bottom. There's always our imaginations.

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