Cord Younglove

Cord Younglove

God help me, I keep finding these gorgeous, masculine bicurious guys that make your heart melt and your loins stir. Cord is no exception. Those eyes.

Shawn Allen

Shawn Allen

Studio boy Shawn Allen joins the GuyBone guys and we couldn't be more turned on! From his perfectly sculpted hair to his toned twink body and thick, incredibly stiff and straight as an arrow cock, Shawn is hipster sexy in all the right ways. Did I mention his feet?


Cord Tops Shawn

Two firsts in this wildly erotic scene! New GuyBone guy Cord Younglove makes his action scene debut and fellow newbie Shawn Allen (new to us, very familiar to the industry) joins our family! The guys waste no time getting naked, Cord going down on Shawn first. Watching Shawn's face light up as Cord works his perfect boner gets me hard just thinking about it. The two had such hot chemistry, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Cord worked hard wetting Shawn's cock and tight balls. His own big dick was thick and firm down below and he stroked it while he sucked his costar. His delicious bubble butt flexed and clenched as he bobbed up and down on Shawn's nob. My dick twitched to be buried inside his virgin hole, but for now, Cord was a strict bi top.

Shawn was more than ready to take Cord's fat uncut cock, but first they wanted to suck each other. A lot. Cord nearly drown himself under Shawn's balls, licking and smelling his taint and tickling it with his goatee. Shawn suggested they 69 and it was all fucking hot from there. Both studs sucking on rock hard cocks, getting each other incredibly worked up. They gulped down girthy hardons and then kissed, making out with the taste of their dicks on their tongues. After they'd blown each other plenty, it was time for Shawn to lube up with SPUNK and take it in the ass.

Shawn wanted to sit on it first to get used to the size. Didn't take much for him to stretch to accommodate Cord's behemoth cock and before I knew it he was riding him rough and wildly. Cord flipped him on his back and drove his meaty cock into his pro hole with determination. If Cord had set out to make a great first impression with his first action scene, he accomplished it with flying colors. The way he moves his body, the things he does with his mouth, he is no doubt a skilled and talented lover who knows how to make himself and his partner feel amazing.

There are a few times during the scene where Shawn gets a sly smirk across his lips and you can just tell he's having the time of his life riding that big dick but he doesn't want to show it too much. I find this hilarious and hot as hell. He's used to the pro setting where too much emotion might not be desired. But here at GuyBone, we love it real and amateur. If you want to smile because Cord's cock makes your ass feel like heaven on earth, then dude, by all means smile.

The guys flipped into a few hot positions, my favorite being Cord pumping his fat sausage into Shawn while kneading his knuckles into those juicy butt cheeks. For the finale, Shawn climbed back onto Cord and brought the scene full circle. He stroked his own stiff dick while grinding on a very relaxed, very aroused Cord. Maybe too relaxed and too aroused, because by the time he felt his seed bubbling up and pulled out, the condom broke and his cum drizzled down his hip in several thick ribbons. No worries, you still get to see the load, it's just more of a surprise than anything. Then Shawn finished himself off on Cord's bearded mug, giving the bi boy his first facial. Shawn's cum looked deliciously perfect on Cord's face and as Shawn beat the last drops of jizz from his cock out on Cord's muscled chest, I knew they'd just delivered one helluva hot scene.

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