CT might very well stand for cock-tease because that's exactly what this GuyBone guy is. He's incredibly sexy with his beard and adorable bed-head. He's equipped with a thick cut cock and eager asshole.


CT's Solo

When I first saw pics of CT's dick, I knew I had to have it on the site. The circumcision line was so dark and eye-catching that I couldn't stop staring at it (and drooling). And the thickness of the shaft was incredibly hot.

He already knew a handful of models from the site, so I think he was a little more at ease for his solo audition than most guys. I assume he'd not heard any horror stories from his friends, or he wouldn't have wanted to audition to begin with. He showed up and all I could think was, holy fuck a beard looks great on you!

He came prepared to show off, wearing a sexy jock and matching socks. He stripped down, took his time playing with his hairy nipples, then slid his excited fingers to his eager hole and pushed them in. Back and forth, in and out, he demonstrated how hungry of a bottom he is, and how quickly I needed to find him a scene partner.

Out came that beautiful cock, rock hard and ready to be jerked. He lubed up, beat off, and ended with a rocket of jizz blasting from his piss slit that nearly doused the camera in cum. What didn't soak pillows, he cleaned off his beard and licked from his fingers, "not wanting any to go to waste."

CT is a sexy mother fucker who knows exactly what he wants - a hot, hung top to fill his hole with rock hard cock. I'm already working on making that a reality for him!

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