Cubby Coves

Cubby Coves

You can't get much cuter and cuddlier than Cubby Coves. A beefy bro with an appetite for hot asses and big cocks, he's a Latino honeypot in the sack. Bearded and bushy pitted, he's hairy all over, and has a voice that's oh, so sweet.


Cubby's Solo

Dirty boy Cubby Coves had somewhere to be, but couldn't leave until his laundry was done. What was a cute cub to do while he waited for the dryer to ding? Jerking off sounded like a pretty good way to pass the time, so he reached for his dick inside his gym shorts and started massaging. His cuddle monster t-shirt was pulled tight across his beefy chest, the perfect comfy wardrobe for laundry day. His nylon shorts were bulging in seconds, his cub cock plumping up beneath the fabric.

Cubby's nips firmed up as easily as his dick. His adorable bare feet planted on the floor, his sexy, stocky frame leaned against the window. There would be no stopping once he started. The horniness was too strong. Doing what any bored young guy home alone would do in his situation, Cubby took out his cock and started playing with it freely. It was chubbing up nicely, requiring attention from both of his hands at times. He was cut and the head was a sexy pink while his pale shaft showed off all its veins beautifully. His balls spilled over the elastic of his gym shorts. They were full and hairy and loved being fondled. He smacked his dick against his palm and beat his meat furiously. He was totally rock hard and moaning from his own touch.

He pulled his shirt up under his dark bearded chin to better get at his perky nipples. His chest was outrageously furry. A black nest of hair painted his pecs and carpeted his cute and cuddly stomach. His brunette pubes escaped his shorts as he stroked his cock. He pulled at his nipple as he jerked, signifying the obvious hardwiring between both body parts. Touch one, the other lights up. His boner was big and bushy and stood straight out, showing his youth and virility. He was a man in his prime - young, hung and no doubt full of cum.

He'd hopped up on the dryer to have a seat while he stroked. The vibration of the machine probably felt pretty spectacular against his ass, too. He pulled at his pristine prick, really teasing it and showing off to the piles of unfolded laundry. His lips were plump and wet, looking very ready to kiss and suck. Alas, with no buds around, he'd have to focus on his own hot, naked body to get the job done. His balls hung loose and moved with the same rhythm of his masturbation. The dude was in tune with himself and loved everything he was doing to his body.

He pounded his erection against the top of the dryer. The testosterone and brutishness flowed through him with a fever. His manhood was a towering treat, stiff as steel, ramming toward the ceiling. He jerked even harder, edging himself on the edge of the dryer. As he reached orgasm, his hardon began to rain down cum onto the floor and dryer door. In a sperm shower that seemed never ending, Cubby bellowed out in complete rapture.

He rubbed the cum from his piss slit across the head of his cock then jumped down from the dryer and cleaned off the mess he'd made on the glass door. He redressed in his casual wear just as the timer on the machine sounded. He said “load's done” and couldn't have been more accurate. His load had been spilled on the floor and machine front. His balls emptied. His cock drained. And now that his laundry had finished its cycle, he could carry on with his Cubby day.

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