Dayton O'Connor

Dayton O'Connor

Dayton is beyond a pro, leaving me honored and starstruck to work with him. Total gentleman. Total stud.

Dusty Williams

Dusty Williams

Dusty Williams is a studio boy and hands down one of the sweetest guys I've ever filmed. Beaming smile, dazzling eyes, a scruffy beard, and a furry otter body to drool over. He's a versatile bottom and definitely knows how to take a dick.


Dayton Tops Dusty Raw

Let's see if I can keep my excitement contained throughout this synopsis. Nope. Not even gonna try! We got to film with Dayton O'Connor!! Fucking what the fuck?! Is this for real?! Beyond starstruck and eternally grateful to the one and only Dusty Williams for somehow convincing his bud to join our little amateur porn family. I've been jerking off to Dayton for the better part of the last decade, and to not only meet but then FILM him for GuyBone… well, I'm honored. He and Dusty are absolutely intoxicating to watch together. Their chemistry is undeniable and this is one of the most fun, sweaty, sexy rolls in the sack I've ever got to experience from behind the lens.

It was evident from the word action that Dusty needed Dayton's cock any way he could get it. Already boned and exposed, Dayton's impressive hardon tumbled into Dusty's mouth, a place it seemed quite at home. Dusty was not afraid to deepthroat that thick fucker, often gagging on its girth when he went balls deep. He sat on his knees servicing that handsome, hairy cock and continued to gaze up at Dayton's gingery scruffed mug. Not a true red head, but Dayton certainly had a fiery beard and big saloon bartender looking mustache. I dug it so much. Very sexy. And he looked extra hot when he bent over and spit a long strand of saliva into Dusty's mouth. You know, in case Dusty needed some more wetness on Dayton's throbbing cock. Then Dayton told him to “bend over the table.”

Dusty did as instructed, the ever obedient sub in this scene. Dayton was all dom. He bent Dusty over the table and rimmed his hairy hole, making sure to get plenty of spit in there. He teased Dusty's ass with his own stiff dick. He wet and readied Dusty's back door for what was sure to be an insanely satisfying screw. And then he slid his veiny erection inside, condom free.

Dusty took it and craved more. He gave his ass up willingly to Dayton. They fucked in doggie over a coffee table and the sounds of Dayton's thighs slapping against Dusty's butt cheeks were hypnotizing. Dayton spat on his cock and drove it into Dusty's accommodating hole rigorously. He flipped him onto his back on the table and railed him missionary. The grin on Dusty's face said it all. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. And why shouldn't he be? Look who was fucking him! They kissed passionately and the way Dayton looked into his costar's eyes told me these two had an incredible connection not easily duplicated. Some guys just fit together better than others when fucking.

They moved to the bed shortly after and Dusty was delighted to ride Dayton's raging hardon. He bounced up and down on that big boner, his own steel cock helicoptering with the motion. Dayton filled him completely, hammering his hole as hard as he could. Totally in sync, their bodies created an incredibly erotic show. Dusty's moans and Dayton's grunts were aural perfection. Dusty swung around from reverse cowboy to regular and the view of Dayton's big nuts pounding against his ass was divine. They took turns in control, Dayton pounding for a bit, then Dusty rocking on that cock. No matter who was in charge, the fucking was hot and raw.

Lubed with plenty of SPUNK and spit, Dayton continued fucking Dusty bareback in missionary on the bed. I realized I hadn't stopped for a photo break in quite some time but I was okay with that because they didn't appear to want or need to stop the sex. Dayton was so rock hard horny, he couldn't get enough of Dusty's sweet ass. Dusty wrapped his hairy, athletic legs around Dayton's furry ass and pulled him closer. They fucked hard and fast and deep.

It was becoming evident that these two were on a mission to reach climax before taking any more photo breaks. And I was fine with that. Nothing says authentic hookup like an authentic hookup. I didn't need to give any direction. These guys are both pros. They did what they wanted to and I was just happy to be catching it on my camera.

Dayton was there. The edge. He'd pounded his way to orgasm. He sat up to shoot his load on that used hole and realized it was a false alarm. He thrust his cock back inside Dusty and continued fucking. Seconds later it was a real alarm and he pulled out and blasted Dusty's back door canvas with plenty of his clear coat paint. He slid his uber long shaft back inside his costar and ensured some of his seed stayed there. Dusty rolled over and stroked his cock to completion while Dayton fingered his spent hole. He collected the remains of his load from his cock and fed them to Dusty while he jerked. That was enough to send Dusty over the edge. He tensed every muscle in his body and shot out an incredible nut all over his hairy, toned chest and with a final kiss, the scene was finished. I had successfully filmed my first scene with Dayton O'Connor. Hoping there's more to come from both of these studs, because, well … FUCKING YUM!

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