Dev Tyler

Dev Tyler

Dev Tyler is seriously one of the nicest guys I've ever met, which makes him even sexier when listing all his attributes. His boy next door smile will make you crush while his bangin' athletic bod gets you rock solid. Hairy in all the perfect places, Dev is hard as steel in front and juicy yet firm out back.

Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes is one sexy mothafucka! He's been on plenty of porn sites, always a pro, and packs quite a wallop with that near 9"er of his! He's sweet, sexy, soft spoken, and seriously skilled in the versatile arena.


Dev and Dylan Flip Raw

It appeared Dev and Dylan found the stairway to heaven and had every intention of flip fucking their way to the top. With scruffy faces, furry bodies, and raging erections, the guys began their journey on the bottom rung, kissing and manhandling each other. There was no keeping a good pup like Dev out of Dylan's pants, especially when he pulled his fat cock out and saw just how mouthwatering it was. He got it nice and wet, taking it deep down his throat, making Dylan moan his manly moans. The big meat was smacked against Dev's tongue and he moved to Dylan's hefty balls, worshipping them and using plenty of spit to ready the sex. They were so fucking horny for one another, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

His cock was so thick and Dev was doing an excellent job servicing it. Dylan was ready to return the favor and add his own special skill, rimming. He nursed Dev's cock and nuts, gently licking and stroking, and moved his bushy mug to Dev's hairy hole for some amazing anilingus. He stabbed his ass with his tongue and made his dick pulse every time. Dylan turned Dev around so he could take care of said pulsing dick. He gulped it down, his lips riding along the veiny shaft. He covered it in saliva, driving Dev wild, before they moved up a few steps and got creative with their positions.

Dev sat atop the railing, back wedged in the corner, putting his prick at perfect sucking height for Dylan. Fuck, watching him blow Dev while looking up with those beautiful eyes was intoxicating. Dev's abs clenched and he cried out little whimpers of ecstasy as his cock repeatedly disappeared down Dylan's throat. He tossed a leg up so Dylan could eat his ass again. Try not to cum yet while you watch, there's still so much more to be seen!

Dylan slipped a finger inside Dev's ass to loosen him up, although no finger is fat enough to ready anyone for Dylan's massive manhood. He eased his big boner inside Dev bareback and they began to screw on the stairs. It was a crazy acrobatic position, and had Dev moved just wrong, he could have fallen quite a distance. Luckily, he was secured by Dylan's dick, drilling him to the wall and railing. They pounded it out for a bit, Dylan's thick dick successfully opening Dev's tight hole. Their moans were getting me super hard and I couldn't wait to see them flip.

Dylan bent over the steps and let Dev enter him doggie style. What a site. Dev's hardon is so hot and looked so good going in and out of Dylan's beautiful butt. Dev spanked him and really started hitting his hole hard, nailing the right spot precisely. Dylan had the extreme feel goods, grunting as he took his intense boning. Dev made sure to show off the sex by spreading Dylan's cheeks open, giving a peek of his rock solid shaft dominating that delicious hole.

They made it to the top of the stairs and celebrated by switching to missionary, Dev remaining on top, driving his dick deep into Dylan who laid on his back. Dev's dick never looked hotter, so rigid and hard and veiny, the head ready to explode, gliding in and out of Dylan's hairy ass. He lifted a leg to show off the under view which was out of this world incredible. His big balls were perfectly tight as they thwapped against Dylan's cheeks. He railed him hard and raw, both men gazing into each other's eyes, and kissed him full, their tongues dancing around together in their mouths.

Suddenly they were back at the bottom, bringing their sexy stairway journey full circle. They'd flipped again, with Dylan on top now, standing doggie, doing Dev up the butt as the bottom outstretched his sexy foot on the handrail. His toes looked for leverage as his ass took a beating, his own boner still rock hard and bouncing with the rhythm of the butt fuck. Dylan really wanted to dick Dev down on the bed to build up his cumshot, and who were we to stand in his way? He did him doggie over the edge and pounded him hard until he was ready to bust.

He pulled out and painted that brunette forest of an ass with his pearl white seed. Cum rained down on Dev's hole and Dylan's orgasm seemed to last for an eternity, lucky guy! He pushed his still dripping dick back inside Dev for a final feel good moment then they kissed and switched spots, back on the stairs for a final sperming.

Dev fucked Dylan hard one last time, standing on the stairwell. He was brut as ever, boning Dylan mercilessly. Hard as the steel stair railing they banged against, Dev's dick owned Dylan's hole until he was ready to unload. All man, his nuts tightened again and it was evident he was ready to cum. He humped until he couldn't hold back any longer, shot his seed, stuck his dick back inside Dylan, and bellowed in ecstasy. He bred his hole masterfully, only pulling out to show off the hefty load he'd left hanging from his costar's ass. They kissed again and meant it. What a fucking hot scene. These two were the total package and truly proved to be a match made on the stairway to heaven.

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