Axel Black

Axel Black

Sporting some of the bushiest pubes on GuyBone, Axel Black is hairy from head to toe and just as hot! Pierced, inked, sweet and sexy, this stud is more than ready for action in the bedroom. He was made for it!

Dev Tyler

Dev Tyler

Dev Tyler is seriously one of the nicest guys I've ever met, which makes him even sexier when listing all his attributes. His boy next door smile will make you crush while his bangin' athletic bod gets you rock solid. Hairy in all the perfect places, Dev is hard as steel in front and juicy yet firm out back.


Dev Tops Axel Raw

Starting with a sexy smooch and a positively hot pec punch, Dev and Axel were an immediately perfect pairing. These pups were ready for pleasure. The made out madly and stripped each other of shirts, worshipping each other’s furry bodies as they kissed. Shorts slid off and revealed chubbing cocks inside their underwear. They pushed their puds together and then freed them from their fabric restraints. Axel dropped to his knees and devoured Dev’s firm dick. What a handsome cock he had, and it looked perfect sliding in and out of Axel’s scruffy bearded mouth.

With his sexy specs, Dev looked down intently at the hungry pup gobbling up his schlong. Axel’s pierced, tatted, collared hotness was only turning the top on more. The oral stimulation was top notch servicing. Dev hugged Axel’s head as he face fucked him. Then he kissed him wildly, deeply, and chuckled as Axel dabbed a string of pre cum from his piss slit with the tip of his tongue. WOOF!

Dev spit on his cock and fed it to Axel, all the more wetting the blowjob. They locked lips again then moved to the bed so Dev could get his mouth on that incredibly hairy, hot hole of Axel’s. He spit on his hole and buried his mouth in that beautiful cavern, between those hairy, gorgeous cheeks. He rimmed him expertly. Tongue fucked his tight hole. Caressed his back and butt while he dined. Tender kisses from a tender lover and then a spank and a spit. The back and forth between soft and hard was superb.

Dev mounted Axel and ate his ass some more, then rubbed his raging erection between his butt cheeks, a preview of the coming attraction. He rimmed him more, driving Axel absolutely bonkers for that boner. Dev was ready to deliver it, rolling his costar over and smooching him deeper and sexier than ever. He teased Axel’s entrance with his engorged penis, then they both tossed aside their skivvies. Dev went down on Axel, slurping that stupendous stiff dick. Axel was so furry with a goddamn gorgeous bush. Their bodies looked so excellent together. What a fit!

Dev moved back and forth between eating that sweet ass and sucking that dick and licking those hairy balls. Then he lubed up with SPUNK and slicked both their throbbing cocks. I love some hot frottage and they delivered, rubbing their greased, girthy dicks together. Masturbating their bones in one hand, pressed together, raging against the other. Dev was ready to get inside that ass, and he slid in with care and ease, making them both moan uncontrollably. He began to fuck Axel with precision. He held him and kissed him as they screwed. Their raw sex was uninhibited, their passion unbridled.

Dev invited Axel to the edge of the bed where he railed him in doggie. How appropriate. The pups pounded out their lust for each other, absolutely checking off every sexual desire box. Fuck, Dev’s dick looked divine driving in and out of Axel’s wet hole. He churned up a hot, frothy combo of lube and pre cum inside Axel’s ass, which splashed out as he slammed his shaft into him. Their sex rained down on me as I filmed underneath and I truly felt part of the action.

Their bareback fuck was on full display as I moved from under to behind, seeing them shift from doggie to cowboy. Axel sat on Dev’s lap, taking his dick deep and completely into his gut. Dev’s balls bounced against Axel’s butt as they boned. Fuck, his dick filled him up so nice! They were having such a hot romp! The way they looked at each other was boner inducing. Their sex was beyond perfect. Especially when Axel squatted over Dev’s dick, letting him stab that hole appropriately, showing off all the perfect penetration we craved.

Must have hit the right spot, too, because they were both ready to bust their nuts. Axel was first to shoot, painting Dev’s stomach with his seed as Dev pounded his prostate. So much cum! Dev grabbed some and ate it, yum! Then Axel did the same. Tasty treat, boys! Dev didn’t miss a beat boning him through his orgasm. Which only helped bring Dev to his. He pumped his load deep inside Axel’s ass, breeding his pup proper. They bellowed and barked and relished all those puppies being plunged into Axel’s guts. He lifted up and let Dev’s cum drip from his hole, back onto Dev’s dick. Then he jerked him softly and they kissed passionately to seal the scene. As it faded to black, Axel nuzzled Dev’s hairy pit, proving once again they were the perfect pups for the job! AROO!

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