Dieter Red

Dieter Red

Dieter is boned up and ready to make a splash not only on GuyBone, but in the adult industry in general. He's charismatic, charming, and cool as fuck. From his slick hair to his sexy voice, he's the full package.


Dieter's Solo

Dieter had emailed the site directly, looking to get his dick wet in the adult industry. After a few chats, I knew he'd make a great GuyBone guy because he was laid back and chill, ready to kick it and have hot fun. He's a sexy Latino guy next door whose hair is always perfect and whose voice will give you sex goosebumps. It's deep and smooth and he's a chatter, so once you get him talking, you'll get to hear plenty of it.

He started on his knees on the bed, watching a GuyBone scene of all things. He loved Cord Tops Jay Raw so he watched it on his phone while he massaged his dick just under his jeans. He always goes commando, so literally there was only a skinny layer of denim between his hand and his growing cock.

He unzipped his fly and shoved his pants down to his ankles. His hard dick was ready to be played with as it bounced and jostled with his every move. His pubes were neatly trimmed and looked sexy as fuck around his handsome cut cock. His heavy balls hung below his shaft, eager to spill their seed.

Cord and Jay were busy on the mobile screen, sucking and fucking their hot hearts out. Dieter was horned up watching them. He tugged on his cock and stiffened it further.

He dropped onto his back, getting more comfortable as he continued his mission to rub one out. It'd been a few days since he last came, he said, and I was getting very interested in seeing how big his load was going to be. I had to get some shots of his Chucks because I found them irresistibly sexy on him. The fact that he kept his jeans and sneakers on gave me the impression he could have been anywhere, in a hurry, and was jerking quick as can be out of pure necessity to get off. Hot boy with his hot toy. Couldn't be bothered to lose his pants and shoes. The need to seed was that great.

His heavy breathing and moaning began and it was evident he was working toward climax. He started teasing his dick, holding it with a lighter grasp, just fingertips, pushing it to the side, really letting it firm up and throb. His big dark balls jiggled with each stroke and I was a little hypnotized by them. He poured some SPUNK Lube on his boner and reveled in the slickness of it. He moved to the edge of the bed, dropped his legs over, and planted his Chucks firm on the floor. This was how he preferred to cum, and I encouraged it. He rubbed it hard and fast, blasting a big load onto his inner thigh. It was bright white and looked delicious. One ribbon made it nearly to his knee. He milked the entire load from his cock and dropped a lot of F-Bombs, which made me smile behind the camera. It was clearly a fantastic feeling orgasm and it was obvious to both of us this was just the beginning of beautiful porn-ship.

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