Dillinger Diggs

Dillinger Diggs

This sexy, hairy stud will tell you he's not a true redhead, but I see plenty of ginger fur to corroborate my theory. Whether he's genuine fire crotch or not, Dillinger is definitely on fire! Looking sophisticated in specs or ruggedly handsome without, it takes zero effort for this hunk to look good.

Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes is one sexy mothafucka! He's been on plenty of porn sites, always a pro, and packs quite a wallop with that near 9"er of his! He's sweet, sexy, soft spoken, and seriously skilled in the versatile arena.


Dillinger and Dylan Flip Raw

Dillinger had been lusting after Dylan's big dick and delicious ass for a while. When I was able to schedule a flip fuck, he considered his wish granted. Dylan arrived in tight, gray shorts, nearly busting out of them with his impressive bulge. Dillinger grabbed it and tugged, making it swell and tighten the fabric's grip. Dylan pulled his drool-worthy dong out and gifted it to Dillinger, who wasted no time bending over to take it in his mouth. His ginger stache looked magnificent as he glided that girthy cock in and out of his wet lips.

Dylan was down in doggie before I knew it, his ass raised sky high for Dillinger to eat. The hairy redhead continued displaying his oral skills as he munched away at that delectable dumper. Dylan moaned and grabbed the bedspread in approval. Hot, wet approval. Dillinger's tongue made love to Dylan's sweet, hairy hole. Dylan pulled his ass cheeks apart so Dillinger could get inside even deeper. Then Dillinger was back to choking on Dylan's dick for a bit before Dylan returned the favor.

Then the main attraction was at hand, literally. Dillinger fingered Dylan's eager ass to ready him for his redheaded cock. He spit on and stuffed his boner inside the warm hole. The sweat began to trickle as their bodies worked out the heat. They looked so damn sexy screwing. And kissing. And jerking. Which is what happened next at the foot of the bed. The guys were chest to chest, stroking their dicks, sucking face, really getting each other as randy as possible. Then Dylan offered up his outrageously hot hole again for some more bareback boning. Dillinger fucked him in doggie on the edge of the bed, filling his hairy hole with tender pink prick.

It was time to flip and they were both more than ready. Both still in their sexy socks, Dillinger decided to sit on Dylan's massive rod to become accustomed to it. Dylan laid back as Dillinger lubed them with SPUNK and sat on his big schlong. From then on, it was dripping sweat and bellowing satisfaction. Dillinger was the loudest bottom I'd heard in a while and it was hot as hell knowing Dylan's big dick was causing the commotion.

Dillinger lifted himself into a squat, bouncing on Dylan's boner, feeling every inch of it filling his innards. Dylan's balls were big and drawn tight. Dillinger's milky white ass smashed against them with each rise and fall. Dylan laid there and let Dillinger use him like a top toy. Then, when he was ready to take charge, he rolled his bottom onto his back and fucking gave it to him hard.

He drove his raw steel shaft deep into Dillinger's auburn down under. His dick was so big and so hard, no wonder Dillinger was crying out in ecstasy. I loved the contrast between Dylan's delicious dark-skinned dick and Dillinger's pretty pink and white ass as he annihilated his hole. Picture perfect. And beyond hot. Looking like a bareback bowl of Neapolitan ice cream up in here.

They moved into standing doggie after that so I could really see Dylan's hefty manhood owning Dillinger's delicate derrière. It was such a terrific deep dicking for Dillinger, he was brought to orgasm near immediately. He sat up and stroked off his cock, shooting pearl droplets all over the black sheets. What a puddle of cum! Then he laid next to it so Dylan could add to the mess. Dylan beat his big meat until he was ready to bust, spraying a hot load across Dillinger's mustached mug, his furry chest, and the bed. He knelt, kissed his costar, then enjoyed sex shivers as Dillinger cleaned the remaining cum from his cock with one final fellatio. What a scene, gents! I love making dreams come true!

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