Dillinger Diggs

Dillinger Diggs

This sexy, hairy stud will tell you he's not a true redhead, but I see plenty of ginger fur to corroborate my theory. Whether he's genuine fire crotch or not, Dillinger is definitely on fire! Looking sophisticated in specs or ruggedly handsome without, it takes zero effort for this hunk to look good.

Shane Rook

Shane Rook

Shane is our sexy new slender man. He's tall, skinny, hung, and ready for anything. Armed with a bushy beard that would make any lumberjack envious and a cumshot that will take your eye out if not careful, he's bringing his A game to GuyBone.


Dillinger and Shane Flip Raw

Starting with some scintillating smooching on the sofa, Dillinger and Shane were stiff for each other in seconds. And the noises their wet mouths made had me stiff in seconds right alongside them. They stripped out of their shirts and showed off their gorgeous, furry, tatted, pierced, milky white skin. They fondled each other’s crotches, firming up the already hard cocks just beneath the surface of the slacks. Shane freed Dillinger’s dick first, plopping it in his mouth and slowly, satisfyingly sucking it. Dillinger’s ginger pubes and chest fur looked radiant and on fire against Shane’s brunette beard. They kissed more, Dillinger tasting his schlong on Shane’s lips.

Shane released his beast and both boys slid out of their skivvies. Fully naked and on display, they stroked their stiff dicks and fondled each other’s balls and buttholes. Dillinger dropped to his knees and serviced Shane orally. His tongue dove delicately but dedicatedly into Shane’s hairy hole, worshipping it and making love to it with his mustached mouth. Their moans had me throbbing and as Shane threw his leg into the air, Dillinger got all the way inside with his talented tongue. Shane’s stiff dick and big balls felt the warmth of Dillinger’s mouth next as he went down on his hung costar. The slurping and soft, heavy breaths were driving me wild!

Dillinger teased Shane’s hole with his dick, slipping it in a little. Shane needed some more rimming though, so his attentive costar ate his ass in doggie before a retry. Now wetter and readier, Shane’s sweet ass opened up for Dillinger to deliver his dick. They lubed up with SPUNK and Dillinger eased his pretty pink bareback dick inside Shane’s rosy hole. It was a perfect fit and they both gasped in ecstasy. He fucked him over the edge of the couch in a stunning display of sheer horniness.

Dillinger wasn’t done eating that tasty hole, so he rimmed Shane against the window some more. So hot to watch him working on that ass. Then he got him on the bed for some more sucking action. His juicy red lips looked superb swallowing down that giant dick of Shane’s. Rock hard and ready for his turn at topping, Shane moved them back to the window for some sex with a view. He bent Dillinger over and screwed him in doggie, raw and pounding his ass against the glass.

Dillinger took his behemoth boner like a pro, letting Shane fuck him hard and fast. Their sex was on fire and I couldn’t look at it from enough angles. Like my fave, underneath. What a view! The guys effortlessly switched positions, truly versatile. Incredibly erotic seeing them go so easily from top to bottom and vice versa. Shane annihilated Dillinger’s redheaded asshole. He fucked him so hard, they both moaned so loud, smiles across both their faces.

They moved back to the bed so he could screw him in a sideways missionary. I love seeing action in this position. Really shows off the penetration. Their beautiful bodies banged against each other, a fur frenzy, sex everywhere. Such a magnificent display of masculinity and pure animal instinct. Shane fucked him hard, no mercy, and Dillinger ate up every goddamn second of that deep dicking. He got a little too overstimulated and couldn’t cum, but no biggie, cuz Shane came plenty and had a long, intense orgasm complete with body shakes and shivers. He pumped out a hot load onto his bushy pubes and sexy happy trail, a mesmerized Dillinger onlooking. After the incredible jerk off finish, Shane sighed and got the giggles. He and Dillinger were too sexy and cute for words. Enjoy watching their sex, they sure enjoyed having it!

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