Dillinger Diggs

Dillinger Diggs

This sexy, hairy stud will tell you he's not a true redhead, but I see plenty of ginger fur to corroborate my theory. Whether he's genuine fire crotch or not, Dillinger is definitely on fire! Looking sophisticated in specs or ruggedly handsome without, it takes zero effort for this hunk to look good.


Dillinger's Morning Wood

Cock a doodle do me! The sun had risen and so had new GuyBone Guy Dillinger's dick. He woke to that incredible feeling of morning wood pulsating just below the surface of his cozy blanket. That intensely good sensation where you just want to roll over and rub it on the bed or hump a pillow. He pulled his prick out and showed it off sexily. A delicious ginger, Dillinger was furry as fuck and handsomely hung. His ginger dick stood proud and pink, the auburn forests of chest hair and leg fur tangling up teasingly.

He brushed the blanket aside and revealed two big, beautiful balls, somehow drawn tight and also hanging loose at the same time. He cradled his hefty nut sack as he touched his aching cock, rubbing it with coconut oil to give it a smooth surface for stroking. As hairy as he was, his hot body was well groomed in the right areas. And the way he touched himself was beyond arousing. The sounds, the sights, he was really turning himself on.

He worked a droplet of precum from his piss slit and rubbed it around the head of his dick with his thumb. He scooted to the edge of the bed and moaned erotically as he played with his meat. His redheaded, bushy mustache was as thick as his dick and his pink nipples perfectly matched the skin of his rock hard cock. That stiff, aching cock, those mouthwatering balls, all begging to be busted.

He milked some more precum from the end of his cock and then moved over to his desk chair to enjoy some porn on his laptop. Dillinger diligently worked his rod as he watched others fuck on the screen in front of him. His ocean blue tribal tattoos looked stunning on his pale skin, carpeted in ginger curls of hair. He even had a brilliant blue cock ring that perfectly matched his inked arms. He smacked his heavy boner against his stomach and slapped it with his palm. His body was all sorts of wonderful, perfectly toned yet average in the best guy next door way. The vein on top of his cock was rigid and throbbing. He edged closer to cumming.

A thick trail of precum oozed from his dick and dripped down his knuckles as he jerked harder and faster. Then his actual cumshot came, squirting from his boner onto the leather seat of the chair, down onto the floor. So much semen. Covering him, covering the immediate area around his desk. He'd woke up hard and horny and seen to his business of beating out a big load of jizz.

There's little in this world as hot as handling your own morning wood, and Dillinger proved playing with it yourself always gets the job done right. Next time we see this sexy orange fuzz covered fella, it better be with another guy in the bed, though!

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