Drake Brody

Drake Brody

Drake is one tall, slender drink of sexy water. He's got an adorable smile but can turn it off and give you runway supermodel face in an instant. His body is banging, decorated with the sexiest of dark and furry happy trails leading to an incredibly handsome curved cock that he loves to use.


Drake's Solo

Daaamn, boy! Drake is fucking fine as hell. Mmm! Tight, toned body with abs and legs for days. Right amount of hair in the right places. A sexy boy next door smile, but a steely runway model mug. And I don't think I've ever filmed anyone who looks as hot in a hat as he does.

Drake Brody surfs by day, GoGo dances by night, and jet sets from Cali to Vegas to film porn in between. He's a busy guy, but are you surprised when he's so gorgeous? Everyone wants a piece of this stud. And GuyBone certainly got ours with his incredibly arousing solo.

This smoking hot tall drink of water started his audition scene in silk boxers and a backwards ball cap. Uh, yeah, I agree with you - perfection. It was a matter of seconds before his cock was throbbing inside the smooth fabric. He tweaked his nipples and rubbed his solid pecs, moaning softly as he kicked back on my couch and watched a steamy porn vid. My own dick was taking notice of Drake's growing rod inside his boxers. He pulled at the seams, allowing the stiffening prick to roll and flop around, still imprisoned but dancing with delight. Forget about pitching a tent, this guy's dick was as tall as a fucking skyscraper.

He pulled back the leg of his shorts to reveal a pulsating cock head, followed by a veiny, rock hard erection that anyone would be ecstatic to go down on. What a fucking beautiful boner! He also released his big, aching balls. Bountiful and dusted with pubes, his nuts were ready to bust. I had him stroke it on the couch for a bit, then standing next to the coffee table, one leg up. Damn, the view from here was spectacular. Those giant balls hanging in my face, that big, curved hardon staring down at me as Drake rubbed it and slathered it in SPUNK Lube. That sexy face and body. And that ass. Fuck! What a great ass! Tight little bubble butt begging to be opened up and eaten then taken for a ride. Can't wait to see this guy in action!

He settled back on the couch for his cumshot. Very vocal this one is, which is excellent. I had to catch myself from moaning along with him, it seemed so natural. He knew how to make his body feel good and didn't mind me watching at all. He fucking jerked that big dick, balls bouncing all the while, until he couldn't hold back the eruption of jizz anymore. It splattered from his piss slit onto his chest and stomach, drowning his happy trail and filling his belly button. He milked the last bit of sweet cum out of his cock and relaxed. Easy for him. Now I needed some release.

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