Duke Duncan

Duke Duncan

Duke is exactly the guy we've been looking for. We wanted a slightly thicker, beefier boy who had plenty of cubbish body hair, an adorable face, and a dick like rock. He's got an incredibly sexy demeanor and one of the hottest, most real bodies on GuyBone.

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox is a studio guy who we met through our model Kyle. Frankly, I'm so enamored by his sexiness. He's got the darkest hair I've ever seen, which stands out against his pale skin perfectly.


Duke Tops Jeremy

Probably the single scene that made me feel like I had the power to make dreams come true. Duke has been a fan of Jeremy Fox's since he started masturbating, and could hardly believe that Jeremy was interested in bottoming for him in Duke's very first action scene.

Talk about star struck, Duke told me after the shoot that he didn't care if he ever filmed again, his porn career was complete. I laughed, I hope this isn't the last we see of this hot, hairy cub. He's fucking sexy, as is one of our site favorites, Jeremy Fox, with his dark hair, beaming smile, and giant dick.

Duke was rock hard as soon as I said action and the guys quickly worked each others clothes off to reveal stiff cocks ready for the sucking. Jeremy swallowed Duke's dick first, balls deep. Slurping and stroking, I was hoping the excellent head from his favorite porn star wouldn't bring him to an early climax. Ever the pro, Duke maintained composure, then switched roles with Jeremy, taking that huge rod down his throat, Jeremy guiding his head.

Once both dicks had been sucked to satisfaction, the guys strapped a condom on Duke, lubed up with SPUNK and he went to town. I can only imagine the thrill of the moment for him. Fucking someone he'd jerked off to dozens of times. Feeling Jeremy's tight ass squeeze around his manhood. Watching his face wrinkle in pleasure. Duke was on fucking fire, living the dream.

By the end of the shoot, it's no surprise that both guys shot huge loads. Jeremy had just received an incredible pounding and Duke had topped his dream costar. The amount of dark hair in this scene drove me wild and the chemistry between these two will do the same to you!

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