Duke Duncan

Duke Duncan

Duke is exactly the guy we've been looking for. We wanted a slightly thicker, beefier boy who had plenty of cubbish body hair, an adorable face, and a dick like rock. He's got an incredibly sexy demeanor and one of the hottest, most real bodies on GuyBone.


Duke's Solo

Duke was immediately excited about doing porn when I stumbled upon him online. After about a week of chatting and clearing schedules, he finally made it into the studio for his audition solo. That's when his excitement built even more.

He started with an underwear show for me, to help him pick which pair he'd wear for his solo. I picked the pair that showcased his junk the best, not to mention his thick legs and beefy torso. This guy has one of the hottest bodies I've seen. No, it's not perfect, but that's what makes it so fucking sexy. He's got just the right amount of hair and thickness to be called a cub, but he's also very athletic and you can totally see his pecs forming. I think he's gorgeous and I continue to assure him that I won't be the only one.

He pulled off his shirt and jeans and worked up a nice, stiff boner while watching porn. He very sexily revealed his cock from inside his boxer briefs, then started stroking fast and furious. I'd made this poor kid hold his nut for two days and when you're young and full of cum, being forced to save a load is a daunting task. But he succeeded and brought a very hard dick to his audition, pumped it, and shot out a stunning bucket of jizz.

He's got great feet, amazing legs, the best bubble butt on GuyBone.com, superbly low-hanging balls, a chest covered in very masculine dark hair, and a smile to end all smiles. Duke is a charmer and above all else, a stud cub. You don't get more real, amateur guy next door than this fucking hottie. And you'd better believe, I'm first in line to see him in an action scene!

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