Dustin Cross

Dustin Cross

Imagine me making a Wookiee call right about now, Dustin Cross is THE hairiest model on GuyBone. Forget Ryan Fargo's fur, he's got nothing on this guy. Nice body covered in a dark carpet, sexy feet and legs, and a grin that'll get ya smiling every time.

Mike Gaite

Mike Gaite

Mike Gaite is a studio guy who brings the best body to GuyBone, hands down. His washboard abs are so hard you could bounce a quarter off them and his body is so toned and firm you'll fall in love at first glance. It doesn't hurt that he has a super sexy smile and shy guy demeanor.


Dustin and Mike Flip Raw

Fucking A, man! WOOF! I'd never have thought to pair these two up, but when they chose each other as costars, I knew they had come up with one helluva great idea! I'd yet to see Dustin bottom and was very eager to see that furry hole filled. And while Mike had flipped for our cameras before, it had been a condom scene and only the one time. I was definitely eager to get him back on GuyBone, and to see him in some steamy bareback action! Thanks to the two of them picking each other for a scene, my wishes came true! And yours are about to! They wowed me with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

They were comfy on the bed, kissing so passionately and fully, their bearded faces melded into one. Both looked so ruggedly handsome. Their meaty man hands pawed at each other's bodies, pulled off shirts, and exposed underwear. Their hair covered bodies and toned muscles were intoxicating to look at, and by the look of it, to touch as well. Dustin nibbled his way down Mike's chiseled torso and worked his thick cock through his briefs. I noticed a spot of precum on his underwear. So hot. He was horned up to the point of leaking through his undies. Yum! Both guys bulged in their underwear so Dustin relieved their cocks of the tightening pressure by removing them. He beat his own uncut meat while slurping on Mike's solid shaft.

Both guys were completely nude, rock hard, and horny as hell. Mike dropped down on Dustin's uncut wonder and serviced his big dick and balls like a champion. They slid into a sexy 69 and orally pleasured each other at the same time. While Mike worked over Dustin's bohemeth boner, his ridiculously furry costar rimmed and fingered his tight hole and also gulped down his steely stiffy.

Dustin was up first to bottom. Mike fingered his furry pucker to ready him for the ride. Dustin climbed on top and slowly slid Mike's greased pole between his hairy butt cheeks. Mike's face and deep moans said it all, the fuck felt fantastic. Dustin began to ride Mike raw as he jerked his own cock and squeezed his costar's balls. They flipped over and Mike found a better position with missionary. He entered Dustin fully, his heavy nuts falling against Dustin's fuzzy taint. They bellowed in ecstasy and began to screw relentlessly.

It didn't take long for them to swap roles totally, which I loved. So much hotter seeing them go back and forth than just all one guy topping then the other. They were totally into each other, couldn't get enough in either position, top or bottom, so kept flip fucking to fill their needs. Dustin's beefy bone was buried in Mike's butt before I knew it, their bareback sex looking hot as fuck! Mike was all smiles and all praises as Dustin railed his hole.

Mike's nipples were exploding off his chest as Dustin took fuck breaks to suck his cock. Then he returned the oral favor and swallowed Dustin's shaft. They were so fucking horny for each other, they couldn't decide what they wanted more, sucking or screwing, so they just continued with a healthy mix of both. Mike stuck his prick inside Dustin again, lubed up with SPUNK. He absolutely pulverized his hairy counterpart's hole. I was getting everything I wanted to see in this scene. Dustin bottoming, Mike going bareback. Fuck, all so perfectly hot!

Dustin sat on Mike's dick again for a minute before rolling his beefcake costar over into doggystyle and pounding his ass hard. Mike's firm ass looked divine getting stabbed by Dustin's thick, uncut cock and he cried out in pleasure, begging to be filled more, fucked harder. Dustin obliged and gave it to him good. Back in missionary, they gazed into each other's dreamy eyes as they screwed. Dustin humped fast and furious, filling Mike to the brim with his manhood.

Mike was back on top of, and inside of, Dustin before I knew it. Their flip fuck game was on point! He pumped into his partner, owning his ass, drilling for satisfaction. Again, their eyes met and they shared an unspoken chemistry. Their bodies were bonded and fucking boned beyond belief. Dustin was then back on top, jackhammering his junk into Mike's hairy hole. He pulled out, beat his meat to completion, and painted his seed on Mike's ass before pushing it deep inside for a big dose of breeding. His cum frothed up around his cock as he continued to fuck it into Mike's hungry ass. These were two hairy, sweaty men getting off with each other as they were designed to do. Perfection!

Mike had to fuck Dustin's sweet ass one more time. He plowed his way to pleasure town, cumming deep inside Dustin's ass. He pulled out after to show off some of his seed in Dustin's curly ass hair, then stuffed his dick back inside for some final, gentle thrusting. Dustin wrapped his legs around Mike's waist, pulling him and his load as deep inside of him as possible. These two were marvelously suited for one another and I couldn't be more thrilled to have been the one to film them together.

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