Cosmo Ash

Cosmo Ash

Mmmm what a perfect plaything we've found in Cosmo. Stached, sweet, and oh, so scintillatingly sexy, this toned otter is armed with a deliciously furry hole and drool-worthy, rock hard dick for your pleasure. Shy and silly in the best, most playful way possible, you'll crave cuddling them as much as you do fucking them.

Dustin Cross

Dustin Cross

Imagine me making a Wookiee call right about now, Dustin Cross is THE hairiest model on GuyBone. Forget Ryan Fargo's fur, he's got nothing on this guy. Nice body covered in a dark carpet, sexy feet and legs, and a grin that'll get ya smiling every time.


Dustin Tops Cosmo Raw

I’d met Cosmo a few years back on Twitter and instantly knew I had to film them. Lucky for me, and you, they started dating Dustin Cross in the meantime, and when it worked out to film, I got them both as a package deal. What’s hotter than filming two hot guys who are crazy attracted to each other? Filming partners who are in love and lust with each other. The pair had an irresistible dad / boy relationship that my dick paid immediate attention to. Dustin was so gentle and tender with Cosmo, caring and loving, even when he was demolishing their hairy asshole. Like every Dustin Cross scene on GuyBone thus far, this one ended up with bonus footage, an extra 10 minutes to be exact. That’s more fuck for your buck and a clear indication that when we’re watching Dustin fuck, we just don’t want to stop!

They started the scene in union suits because a dad / son duo in matching red onesies is hot as hell. Cosmo’s limp dick peeked out of their bottom snap but would not be limp for long as Dustin pressed his thick, sexy dad bod against them. Feeling the weight of their partner on top, the friction of their dicks inside their union suits, both guys were chubbing quickly. They kissed mad passionately, dry humping on the sofa. Their bare feet had me hard in seconds and I could see Dustin’s huge cock begging to be released. He rubbed it against Cosmo as he kissed them, grinding his hips and thrusting with anticipation.

He stood and Cosmo unsnapped his onesie to release the beast. Dustin’s fat schlong sprung out and directly into Cosmo’s waiting, wet mouth. They sucked it expertly, obviously having had plenty of practice blowing the behemoth boner. They made out between deepthroating sessions, Cosmo’s own hard cock poking from their union suit now. They were totally in tune to each other’s bodies and the desire was evident and exciting!

Dustin flipped Cosmo over and ripped open the snaps on the ass of the union suit. He devoured Cosmo’s hairy hole, fingered it and tongued it, showed off its glory. Cosmo was in heaven watching and feeling dad dine out on their delicious peach. I dare you not to have a raging erection by this point. Impossible!

Cosmo’s mustached mug was cute as fuck as they tossed their legs in the air and invited Dustin to rim and blow them from the front. Dustin, furry as ever, had his suit open so Cosmo could rub their hand through his chest hair. All man. All hot. Dustin had Cosmo’s hole so fucking wet and so incredibly ready to take his big bareback dick. Their sexy bare feet aimed toward the ceiling, their cool pools of blue eyes dazzling, their Easter egg nuts resting just above their mouthwatering taint and hairy hole, Cosmo was a treat to behold. And Dustin couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed the lube and slicked their body parts sufficiently, then slid his hog inside that hole.

I have no idea how anyone handles bottoming for Dustin’s hole destroyer of a dick, but man, do they. And with such hot dedication. Cosmo opened up and took that dick like a fucking champ. They wrapped their legs around dad and let him fill their guts completely. The guys stared into each other’s eyes and I felt like I was right there with them in the moment, that heat, that desire, that raw fuck. Dustin began humping, Cosmo’s hole accommodating. They were seriously perfect together. So much love and so much fun between them. He slammed his stiff shaft into his son, stopping only when he was balls deep in the boy. Their back and forth banter was an eargasm in itself, hearing them encourage the other to fuck harder, deeper. I literally couldn’t get enough of their sex. Nor could they. It just continued to get better, hotter, louder.

Cosmo’s moans turned into groans and grunts and they ached for more of that fat dad cock. Dustin delivered, railing his boy, hairy rod owning that tight hole in standing doggie. They fit together SO perfectly. Dustin whimpered, truly grateful for Cosmo on his cock. Fuck, his dick is thick! And veiny. And hot uncut. And his balls big with bull cum. I climbed underneath them for my fave view, seeing all that scintillating sex above me. Dustin pounded Cosmo out, creating the most incredible slapping sounds. Cosmo’s piss slit leaked pre cum as they received their epic fucking from Dustin’s giant dad dong. And their crisp red union suits further complimented their brunette and ginger-tinted body hair. They looked like they’d just come downstairs on Christmas morning, in their onesies, ready to open gifts, but instead got horny and fucked each other. Best holiday ever.

Eventually the suits came off and I don’t know where Cosmo put all that cock with such a slender frame, but their ass gobbled it up completely. They were on their back now, legs up, on the pull out sofa bed. I swear Dustin was harder and more hung than ever as he entered good boy Cosmo’s hole again. Dustin delivered his classic push up position where he drilled down into Cosmo’s hole. That’s when Cosmo asked if he could go harder, to which Dustin laughed and obliged, tossing the boy around like a sexy rag doll and going absolutely ape shit on their ass. Animalistic. Wild. Fervent. He whaled on Cosmo’s ass like it was a piñata and his cock was the bat. Monkey man like jungle boy!

Lube got replaced by spit as they continued to screw condomless. Flesh to flesh, their skin belonged pressed together with the heat of a thousand throbbing suns. Dustin dripped musky sweat all over Cosmo as he laid flat on their back and humped his way to orgasm. He fucked them so hard and deep, breeding that fantastic hole with the warmest of loads. His hot breath on the back of Cosmo’s neck, their feet and fists locked in tangled knots of passion. His body went into sex shakes as he buried his seed deep in Cosmo’s guts. Then they rolled over and spooned so Dustin could stroke Cosmo’s sexy cock to completion. Cosmo never broke the kiss they shared, instead moaned a muffled orgasm through locked lips. Heavy breath and body heaving as hot jizz jettisoned from their perfect penis. WOOF!

Another fantastic debut for another new GuyBone Guy and another stellar scene for a fan favorite! Might as well bookmark this page now, because we all know you’re cumming back again and again for Dustin and Cosmo.

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