Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes is one sexy mothafucka! He's been on plenty of porn sites, always a pro, and packs quite a wallop with that near 9"er of his! He's sweet, sexy, soft spoken, and seriously skilled in the versatile arena.

Jared Griffin

Jared Griffin

Jared and I had been trying to get together to film for some time, and finally I was able to make it happen. Thank goodness, because this pocket-sized otter is a keeper! Hairy, hung (fuck, is that a long cock), and horny beyond belief, Jared is versatile and loves giving as much as receiving (check out that delicious ass).


Dylan and Jared Flip Raw

Starting buck ass naked with hands cupping balls, stroking cocks, and tweaking nipples, Dylan and Jared wasted no time locking lips and entangling tongues. These outrageously sexy otters were hairy and horny to the max. Their dicks raged erect, both super impressive in size. I really just wanted to be on my knees between them both, but I knew my services weren't needed. They had everything well under control and soon proved it when Jared started sucking Dylan on the bed. They proved it so hard, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

I knew these two would have phenomenal chemistry because they'd regaled me with the story of their previous hookup encounter. They'd cruised each other in a public park and ended up flip fucking against a tree at night, running shorts around their ankles. Sounded so fucking hot, I knew we'd have total ease recreating their chemistry on camera. I brought along a photographer friend so the room was full of horned up guys that day. We loved standing back, soaking in every sexy second they were sending out into the fuckiverse.

Jared had no problem gulping down Dylan's hefty cut cock. And Dylan was very vocal about how good the head felt. They cozied up in a cute 69 position and swallowed down each other's shafts sexily. Bare feet, big dicks and bushy pits abound as they simultaneously sucked dick. Their faces buried in each other's laps, I moved back and forth to get all the oral action. Jared rolled on top of Dylan and face fucked him. Dylan spread his cheeks and fingered the tight hole on display. Then he sunk his tongue into the space and rimmed Jared's ass like his life depended on it.

Dylan's dark beard tickled Jared's furry taint as he rimmed his delectable hole. He gripped Jared's cheeks in his masculine hands then moved them to both their boners. Jared fingered his hole and sucked his cock. They were both so hard and so horned up.

Jared licked Dylan's dick and rimmed his ass good, readying them both for the start of the fuck. He lubed up that sweet hole with SPUNK, spanked his stiff one against the entrance, then slowly slid his stick inside Dylan's back door. Jared filled Dylan's ass with his hard cock, making Dylan gasp and moan, flashing his hairy pits and bulging biceps all the while. Jared took Dylan's hardon in his hand and jerked him while he screwed him bareback. His meat pounded into that man hole and as they kissed as deep as his dick was fucking, I knew we had a hot scene on our hands.

Dylan's dark nuts were drawn tight and he spread his legs wide to give Jared easy access to his ass. Jared flipped him into doggie style and really railed him raw. His beautiful butt cheeks bounced with the banging and I could only imagine what these two had looked like boning against the bark of a tree their first meeting. Jared hugged Dylan's hips and humped him hard. He gave him a reach around and made out with him softly. Then they switched positions so Dylan could sit on that long rod.

Jared's low hangers slapped against Dylan's hot, hairy ass as he fucked up into him. They were all smiles at the sensations. They rubbed shafts together and then it was time to flip fuck. Dylan went from bottoming to topping with precision, and Jared traded in his dominant demeanor to one of submission as he accepted that fat cock into his ass. In no time, Dylan was ramming his sex hammer into Jared's wonderfully accommodating asshole. Their bodies fit together so perfectly in any position. Slow screwing or fast fucking, these bareback buds were having one of the hottest flips they'd ever filmed. Dylan's dick looked even bigger as he buried it in small-framed Jared. He rolled his costar on top of him so Jared was riding. He bounced on that big boner and sent sex goosebumps across both their tantalizing, naked bodies.

Dylan moved Jared into missionary, his ankles shoulder high, and fucked him hard as he pushed down on his hairy chest. Jared beat his meat, feeling that fantastic fucking against his prostate while he pounded out a perfect load onto his happy trail. His cum flung from his dick slit, painting Dylan's torso as well as his own with lovely pearl jam. Dylan continued to take ownership over Jared's used hole until he was ready to join in orgasm. He held Jared's bare feet like handlebars as he pumped his cock in and out of his ass with fervor. He reached climax and pulled out to squirt some seed on Jared's southern decadance and then shoved his spurting hose back inside that warm hole. He fucked his load deep into Jared's gut and they kissed and they rubbed cummy cocks together and they nearly collapsed from the sex shakes. What a scene! What a pair! Next time, I might have to film them up against a tree to really recreate their initial encounter. But something tells me these two enjoy each other's company enough now to recreate this scene any time they feel like it.

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