Edison Garett

Edison Garett

Cute as can be, Edison Garett is one of the sexiest shy guys I've ever met. But don't be fooled, he's not shy once the camera starts rolling. A true exhibitionist, his inhibitions disappear between the sheets and he transforms into an honest to goodness sex machine.

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.


Edison and Lance Flip Raw

When I met Edison for the first time, I knew I had to have him on the site. He was adorable and sexy and one helluva hot otter in the making. He already felt quite comfortable on camera as he was an amateur exhibitionist. He'd shared several homemade vids he'd made of his sexual encounters and I was all worked up knowing how worked up being watched got him. It was an obvious next step from him filming himself at home to me filming him with other GuyBone Guys. And I knew the perfect first costar to welcome him to the family.

Lance is a dream come true when it comes to performers. He's 100% versatile and molds himself into whichever role he assumes. If he's topping, he's aggressive and dominant. If he's bottoming, he's always ready for whatever the top delivers. Getting these two together was Heaven for me. They had similar dark beards and fuzzy bodies. Seeing all that dark fur on their pale skin got me extremely turned on. And just being next to each other on the same bed was enough to get them extremely turned on. So much so, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Making out and getting handsy got dicks rock hard under their clothes. They worked rapidly to strip each other down to their naked, naturally hairy states. Lance was already emitting his signature groans and growls as bespectacled Edison nibbled and licked his way across the furry landscape that was Lance's torso. As expected, Edison needed no direction, no assistance whatsoever. A born pro, he was made for this. Also 100% versatile, he brought his A Game to the bedroom. His moans matched Lance's and I was throbbing inside my shorts as Edison removed his costar's cock from his jockstrap and swallowed it. His juicy lips wrapped around Lance's shaft so perfectly. I always marvel at how incredibly stiff Lance's dick gets. It's so hard he can snap it so fiercely. Woof!

Edison's eager to please mouth made its way from Lance's bushy cock and balls to his hairy hole. He sampled the ass platter and then moved back up top to kiss and dry hump some more. The lust cup runneth over with these two and as Lance took his turn satisfying Edison orally, I got those wonderful sex shivers all over my body.

Lance seems especially skilled at sucking uncut cocks like Edison's. He pays special attention to their extra sensitive skin and the way he laps at their shafts with his outstretched tongue drives me wild. Edison was equally erect, his handsome hardon snapping against his toned stomach whenever Lance let it slip from his lips.

It would be Edison who bottomed first, right after Lance got his hole nice and wet with some scintillating rimming. He gasped and panted as Lance licked his tight pucker. His hairy hole was ready to be filled. Lance moved forward and made out with the young stud as he worked his rock hard cock inside of him. It was a perfect fit. Edison relaxed and opened his ass for the frisky pup on top of him. The sounds resonating from both of them were splendidly sexy. Lance started thrusting harder and soon they were in full fuck mode. He drove his dick in and out of Edison's tight ass, making both of them cry out in ecstasy.

Armed with spit and SPUNK Lube, Lance dominated Edison's hairy hole with his raw, rock solid rod. They switched to doggy style and Edison gave his hole willingly to Lance while on all fours. Lance was harder than ever, on his knees, thrusting his beautiful boner into his costar's hole. His hefty ballsack swung against Edison's taint as they screwed. His cock filled him completely and I think I enjoyed watching them fuck as much as they enjoyed doing it.

The time to flip had arrived and Edison became the power top I'd been so eager to see. He ate Lance's hairy ass some more and then slid his raging uncut stiff one inside his beautiful butt. They were both so talented at switching roles, going from dominant to submissive, top to bottom, effortlessly. Lance complimented the curve in Edison's cock as Edison railed him from behind. It was beyond hot watching Lance's bubble butt bounce against Edison's groin as they humped.

Lance sat on Edison's delicious dick next, riding him cowboy. It was a perfect shot of Edison's elegant erection entering and exiting Lance's dark and fuzzy cave of wonders. The two screwed themselves silly in this position, thoroughly consuming each other's bodies. Then they moved to the side of the bed and Lance took top bunk again. I was underneath them, enjoying every second of being so close to the sex. Lance fucked Edison hard with his bareback boner just inches above my face. Edison cried out in enjoyment. Lance pulled out and jerked his dick feverishly. When he shot his bountiful load all over Edison's asshole, some obviously dripped on me. Work perk.

Edison fucked Lance for just a few more seconds so he could get himself off. He pulled out and dribbled one helluva sexy load all over the floor and Lance's furry ass and then pushed his leaking cock back inside his bareback bud. They were spent and so incredibly satisfied. They kissed and the sound of their lips smacking sexily told me their electric chemistry had translated to the screen flawlessly. There's no way you won't enjoy this scene as much as they did!

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