Eli Woods

Eli Woods

Seriously one of the sexiest GuyBone Guys, Eli is hairy from head to toe and hung like a sex god! He loves pinning willing bottoms to the bed with his huge cock. And he's versatile, so we'll see him sharing that tight hole eventually.

Jonah Wheeler

Jonah Wheeler

Jonah is that boy next door you crushed hard on at summer camp, then fell in love with as he grew into an absolutely adorable, hot goofball. From the Haus of Someone (as in Joel Someone), Jonah joins GuyBone and makes all our dreams cum true! He's super sweet, has a wicked sexy smile, make you melt chocolate eyes, and a hot dad mustache ready for giving rides.


Eli Tops Jonah Raw

Two new GuyBone Guys debuting together in one hot, raw scene. Does it get any better? It sure does! We were all so horny to film again, the newbies ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck! I’d chatted with both Eli and Jonah prior to the production hiatus, and once we were all safe to film, we knew we had to get these two studs together. And how fun to share their first GuyBone experience with each other. Chemistry through the roof, they started making out and showing some nipple appreciation, which swiftly led to Jonah getting Eli’s fat cock between his lips.

Bushy pits and furry bodies abound, these two were a perfect hairy match. Both with incredibly sexy mouths they knew how to work, they gave quite the stellar show. Jonah swallowed Eli’s thick dick to the base, showing his sub side and promising whatever Eli asked of him. Such a good boy. Eli’s erection was at full mast in moments. Surely feeling Jonah’s slobbering gob on his pole did the trick.

Eli face fucked Jonah and fed him his giant cock like the dom top he was. He spit in his mouth and helped lube his throat. Jonah ate his dick up, taking it balls deep down his throat. Eli asserting his dominance was so fucking sexy. He held Jonah’s head and showed him exactly how he liked his dick sucked. He spit on his face and in his mouth again. Jonah fucking loved it. As proven by his stiff dick flopping out of his underwear when Eli undressed him.

Eli dropped to his knees and returned the oral favor. What a sweetheart, taking care of his sub’s stiff dick. He tongued and slurped Jonah’s big nuts, too, sending the soon to be bottom into a frenzy of feel good quivers. Eli’s tongue was a talented serpentine creature, winding its way around Jonah’s taint, low hanging sack, and gorgeous shaft. Then he suggested they move to the bed for some scintillating 69 action.

Eli laid on top of Jonah, feeding him his dick directly down his throat. He sucked on Jonah’s rock hard cock as he face fucked him. Jonah couldn’t get enough of that 9 incher. He grabbed Eli’s ass and pulled him closer, stuffing every bit of boner in his mouth. They worked in tandem, humping and pumping and sucking and face fucking like some sexy machine. Jonah gurgled the most complimentary sound you can hear when sucking cock, a choking on its heft. Seemed the more he gagged, the harder both their cocks got.

For taking a bone as big as Eli’s, some rimming and wetting of Jonah’s hole was inevitable and quite necessary. Eli went to work, eating Jonah’s ass on the edge of the bed. Looked fucking delicious, especially when he pulled his raging hard-on through his legs and worked it while he rimmed. Jonah held his cheeks apart so Eli could get his tongue as deep as possible. That was some divine ass eating. The way Jonah straddled the bed and moaned was heavenly.

After some ball sucking, Eli sat on Jonah’s face and went for a mustache ride. The tease of Eli bottoming was always there, but we’d save it for another shoot. This was all just to give you a sneak peek of hot things to come. And like Jonah was gonna pass up the opportunity to get his tongue in Eli’s hairy hole? Yeah, right! Jonah rimmed Eli so well, Eli’s cock got even harder and he was ready to fuck. They both were begging for the bareback boning.

Nothing quite compares to the wide-eyed expression on Jonah’s face when Eli entered him for the first time. What a pro, being ready for that behemoth rod. Eli is seriously so hung and Jonah’s hole gobbled that dick up, welcoming its entire length inside him. Eli moved Jonah around like a sex doll wherever he wanted to fuck him next. And each new position, Jonah moaned in delight and whimpered for more. Watching Eli squat over Jonah, plugging his hole then pulling out, repeating, was incredible. All that cock fitting in that little hole, just incredible. Eli put his fingers down Jonah’s throat as he screwed him, literally filling his holes from both ends.

Their hot, raw sex was awe inspiring. Eli owned that ass. He even picked Jonah up at one point and fucked him in the air. He bounced his ass on the bed like dribbling a basketball on his cock. Then he got him into doggie so they could both watch themselves in the mirrored doors. I love when they’re as turned on by watching their own sex as you surely will be while watching this scene. Eli did a pushup position on top of Jonah, then Jonah moved his ass just right to fuck himself on Eli’s pole. Their bare feet fit perfectly together and I couldn’t stop switching between sexy toes and sexy screwing.

Jonah sat back and gave me one helluva view as he rode Eli’s big stick. Eli gave him a hot reach around as their bodies collided, then Jonah gave his hole a break and focused on Eli’s. He rimmed and jerked his top, that giant cock lubed with SPUNK. His own steel shaft was aching to feel some friction, so he teased Eli’s hairy hole with the head of his cock. Eli let him play but was always in control as the dom of this scene. Their versatile energy was off the charts, though, and I’d love to see them back again in opposite positions.

The final position was missionary with Jonah’s legs sky high, Eli gripping his ankles. He pumped him full of big, fat prick one final time until he pulled out, blew his creamy load across his nuts, then shoved it back in to breed him. That made Jonah shoot his load, all across his chest, neck and bed. Eli laughed and they kissed mad passionately. I love when guys laugh during, after sex. It’s so sweet. They smooched some more and reveled in the amount of jizz they’d both produced, then cuddled into a postcoital collapse. So happy to be back in production, and thrilled these two got to be GuyBone’s first scene back in action!

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