Eli Woods

Eli Woods

Seriously one of the sexiest GuyBone Guys, Eli is hairy from head to toe and hung like a sex god! He loves pinning willing bottoms to the bed with his huge cock. And he's versatile, so we'll see him sharing that tight hole eventually.

Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers

Toned and towering, this svelte stud makes a great impression with everyone he meets. Piercing puppy dog eyes hang over his juicy, pouting lips and when he flashes that easy smile, you have no choice but to melt. His furry body begs to be cuddled with while he rubs his heavy, stiff cock all over you.


Eli Tops Ryan Raw

Ryan Powers returns! It’s been far too long since he graced GuyBone with his presence, so when we got the chance to film TWO new scenes with him, we jumped on it! First, he gives up that perfectly furry hole to hung, hairy Eli who knows exactly how to use it! And second, he delivers his own big boner to delicious Dev Tyler in RYAN TOPS DEV RAW.

Eli was kind enough to give Ryan a ride to the shoot. Ryan was kind enough to give Eli some road head as thanks. And they were both kind enough to share the footage with me to share with you! I hope passerbys got a peek at the car action because it was hot as fuck. Ryan bent over and bobbed up and down on Eli’s fat cock, slobbering his knob and sucking to perfection. Eli shoved his sweats down and tried to focus on driving while receiving a stellar blowjob. It was evident already that these two had the hots for each other and were going to be more than ready to hop in the sack.

Once they arrived, I took over camera duties and let them focus on the fun. They passionately locked lips and began stripping each other. Once naked, Eli invited Ryan to blow him again. He showed him where his spot was, just below his balls, and Ryan drove his top wild by nursing it. Eli was rock hard in seconds and handed his big bone over to the more than capable Ryan who immediately deep throated the dick and gagged on it complimentarily.

He choked, he spit, he gurgled and gasped and burped his way through the incredible dick sucking. Eli was in heaven from the warm, wet mouth. They moved to the bed and Eli fed Ryan his hefty schlong upside down. It slid down his throat perfectly, showing off that sexy Adam’s apple action. He worshipped Eli’s smooth balls and serviced that veiny shaft. Then Eli turned around and offered his delicious, fur coated asshole for Ryan to dine on. He tongue fucked the top’s butt until Eli needed a peach of his own to feast. He knelt behind Ryan and went to town rimming his beautiful ass. When the bottom was good and wet, Eli spit on his dick and stood up, ready to fuck bareback.

They added SPUNK to their parts for extra lubricant and Eli got Ryan on his back to see his sexy face as he entered him raw. He slid his big dick inside the hairy, tatted bottom and filled him to the brim. Ryan took his time getting acquainted with the feeling but was soon ready to receive a hardcore railing. They were a perfect fit, Ryan’s hole hugging Eli’s cock. Eli plowed Ryan in doggie and made my dick stand stiff when he said, “the way your hole drags out on my dick as I take it out, so fuckin’ hot.” FUUUUUCK. He told Ryan to fuck himself and Ryan did just that, ramming back against Eli’s raging erection. His ass jiggled with the sex and they looked fucking divine sexing together.

They moved to the edge of the bed and continued doggie. Eli annihilated Ryan’s ass to both their delights. My favorite position underneath did not disappoint. Eli’s tight nutsack beat against Ryan’s hairy taint like a basketball being dribbled on the court. They moaned loudly. They put on one helluva show. The ass slapping sex was spectacular. Eli watched himself screw Ryan in the mirror’s reflection across the room. He was so turned on by their sex, he reached his boiling point and needed to breed.

He mounted Ryan once more on the bed, pounding him out hard as he could. He pulled out to paint that pretty pucker with his cum, then shoved his stiff dick back inside that used ass to finish breeding his bottom. Ryan’s hole gulped up every drop of semen that Eli’s cock shot forth. Then churned it into a frothy jizz foam. Then as Eli rubbed his balls and gently fingered his spent ass, Ryan exploded his load, too. The pent up ache was released and sperm flew freely across his bushy nest of pubes. The pair of studs kissed so excellently, strands of spit still connected their lips even after they parted. Fucking WOOF, fellas! So hot!

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