Felix Martel

Felix Martel

Felix is a brooding and handsome bi guy. His girlfriend is really turned on by the idea of seeing him get fucked by other dudes on camera. We're more than happy to make that fantasy a reality.

Ryan Fargo

Ryan Fargo

Ryan is one of the fuzziest, most adorable models on GuyBone. Covered in dark, soft hair, Ryan's toned little body is absolute perfection. We melt for that shaggy, surfer hair and scruffy beard.


Felix and Ryan Flip

Site superstar Ryan Fargo and rising favorite Felix Martel join forces (and lots of body hair) to bring you this incredibly hot flip fuck scene! They had so many sparks, we ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

They start off on the bed, kissing sexily, their dark beards almost blending into one. Fargo's magic tongue soon finds its way to Felix's sensitive neck and as he licks that erotic zone, Felix's legs twitch and spasm in ecstasy.

Shirts get pulled off to reveal two ridiculously furry chests. Brunette curlies running from neck to nipples to happy trail and exploding from armpits. Hair heaven. Ryan slides off his shorts and Felix drops down on his already rock hard pierced cock like it's his job. Well, at this moment, it kind of was. It didn't look like a chore, though, as Felix teased that stiff shaft with his ruby lips and wet tongue. He bobbed up and down on Fargo's dick and instantly, I was hard.

The bi guy in Felix said he'd rather get head than give, so off came his pants and down went Fargo to suck some dick. Ryan's talented mouth got Felix's dick thick and firm in no time flat. Shortly after, I requested to see the guys 69 because it's always more fun when everyone's getting their dicks serviced. I love during a 69 session when the guy's balls fall against your nose. Getting to whiff those manly nuts while you suck a stiff dick is the best! And then getting to taste them! Fucking hot!

Fargo wanted to give Felix a stellar suck job, so he had Felix relax back on the bed while he blew him more. Watching Fargo deep throat that throbbing cock and tickle Felix's balls with his tongue was almost too much for me. After he'd finished, he kicked back and let Felix work on his boner some more as well. Felix worked diligently, aggressively, ensuring Fargo's dick enjoyed his blowjob, keeping that dick rock hard for the impending fuck. Ryan did the same for Felix's dick, massaging and tugging on it while he received head. Both boners were big and hard. I was just as ready as they were to get to the screwing.

Bottoms up for Ryan. He knelt doggie style and Felix entered him from behind, slowly building to a nice rhythmic fuck. Damn, did Felix look masculine as fuck thrusting into Ryan's tight, hairy hole. The grunting and moaning from both of them was making my dick dance in my shorts. Fargo reached back and massaged Felix's balls as he thrust. Then he asked for some more SPUNK to lube his ass. I kept the camera rolling while they took a tiny break. When Ryan realized I was still filming, he assumed I'd edit this portion out. No such luck, Mr Fargo. I love hearing the guys interact when they think cameras are off. It's real. It's candid. It's hot as fuck.

Then, Felix's thick dick was back inside Ryan's warm hole and they were fucking again. Every time Ryan said “oh, fuck” as Felix drove his cock deeper inside him, I wanted to cum. My dick was so hard. So on edge. These two were electric together. I know not all bottoms stay hard during a pounding and that doesn't mean they don't enjoy the sex. But it's so reassuring and sexy to see a bottom totally boned up while getting screwed. Such a compliment to the top, telling him you are thoroughly enjoying the dick he's driving into you.

For every minute of pleasure he received from Felix's rod, Ryan was intent to give it back to his costar. Felix sat on Ryan's erect shaft and told him to go slow at first. Again, more lube was requested. These hairy fuckers and their rapid absorption rate. Once his perfectly shaped dick was properly slicked, Ryan slid it in and out of Felix's bi boy hole with ease. They switched to missionary so Ryan could brace himself on the bed with his knees and really fuck like the pro he is. As if returning the compliment, Felix's cock was standing at attention and begging for Fargo to stroke it while he nailed him.

I honestly can't decide which position I prefer both the guys in. They're both masculine, dominant tops as much as they're eager, accommodating bottoms. It was hot to watch both of them in both positions, which just tells me that they were a perfect combo for a flip fuck. And it was a double win with all the combined body hair. So sexy! Felix was first to cum, shooting a nice load up onto Ryan's fuzzy tummy as he fucked him. Ryan pumped a few extra times to milk everything out of Felix, then he got on his back, jerked off, and blew a sticky load onto Felix's beard while Felix ran his fingers through that jungle of dark hair on his chest. Great show, gentlemen!

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